18 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I am particularly entertained by the way DUMBFUCK shifts blame for whatever fantastical failed scheme he has cooked up onto the enemy du jour. When Our Gentle Host is in the crosshairs, it’s he who was behind the letter he forged; if he’s suing me, then I’m the brains behind it; others have had their turn.

    It doesn’t matter, they’re all in the vault, ready to impeach whatever bullshit story he wants to try on a judge tomorrow.

    Lying liars gotta lie.

    BAD lying liars gotta get caught.

    • Not me! I merely dropped the letter into the mail that you gave me. That John gave you. Instead of John just dropping it into the mail himself.

      Pass me some JWR so I can get in the right mindset to make sense of this.

    • BS previously blamed PK, since these photos were posted on the TMZ blog.
      Question: did BS ….. never mind. Heh. Redacted myself.

  2. “I’m not hiding from the court”

    Bold words for a LIAR!

    He knows (since he reads this site) that he has to file a change of address with the court, but he cowardly disregards the requirement. He puffs up his manboobed chest for his 3 followers on twitter, but hides like the fear pee stained cowardly and spineless pussy that he is.

  3. He still has no freaking idea what “defamation per se” really is. And he forgets that the truth is an absolute defense – he is a proven liar, and he has been lying all these years about having Parkinsons.

    And the fantasy that he will actually show up at an hearings in this case? More unrealistic than Peter Pan.

  4. Let’s see if we can suss out why anyone would think Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt of KMCN 94.7 MAC in Clinton Iowa would fake Parkinson’s Disease. He claimed to be in Stage 4 and often claimed that the stress of suing people for his butthurt was actively making him die sooner. “There is no cure for Parkinson’s or any way to halt it’s progression. Stage four: This stage of the disease is accompanied by severe symptoms of Parkinson’s. Walking may still occur, but it is often limited, and rigidity and bradykinesia — a slowing of movement — are often visible. During this stage, most patients are unable to complete day-to-day tasks, and usually cannot live on their own. The tremors or shakiness of the earlier stages of the disease, however, may lessen or become non-existent for unknown reasons during this time.”

    1. Claimed the progression of his disease prevented him from taking care of himself. He also claimed he could no longer walk and was permanently confined to a wheelchair. Hence his wife did the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, she ran to the post office to mail his myriad of failed lawsuits, cleaned up his piss, his diapers, etc. all while he knew she was dying of her own progressive disease.
    1A. After the death of his wife, Bill discovers the joys of living on his own, going for long walks alone, doing his own cooking and cleaning, and was surprised to find that his piss didn’t mop itself up.

    2. Claimed the progression of his disease prevented him from working. As a matter of fact, he wrote extensively about how the NIH was FORCED to give him a bad review so they could retire him on medical disability. His disease was so bad that he was forced to retire from a work at home job.
    2A. Since he was too ill to maintain a job as a writer at the NIH, Bill took a series of jobs as a writer for various websites. He was fired or asked to stop contributing from most of them mainly due to his extremely poor interpersonal skill in interacting with anyone who disagreed with him. His favorite tactic was to use personal insults instead of facts and logic to defend his position. Nevertheless, he proved through the years that he was capable of working as a writer but instead chose to live off the taxpayer.

    3. Claimed he had to give up his drivers license because he was too dangerous behind the wheel due to his advanced Parkinson’s Disease.
    3A. Obtained a new drivers license and bought a car.

    4. Claimed to the court that it would be extremely detrimental to his health and dangerous to force him to leave the nunnery to travel to MD for his court hearings. He claimed to have a magic button that summed medical assistance and without it in range of the nunnery he would be exposed to huge medical risks.
    4A. Took the train to Chicago to meet with his welfare lawyer. Moved to Clinton Iowa. All without his magic button and he is, apparently, not dead yet.

    This is by no means and exhaustive list of all the things Bill has said about having Parkinson’s that somehow no longer apply to him. Parkinson’s is a progressive disease. It NEVER gets better. Bill has banged that drum loud and long. But somehow, just for him, it HAS gotten better. The things that prevented him from working are now gone. The things that prevented him from driving are now gone. The things that required him to have a full time caregiver and now gone. And that folks, is why some people doubt the veracity of the claims made by Bill “I want to pee on your children” Schmalfeldt of Clinton Iowa.

  5. You know, I’m tempted to get in the Court Appearance pool for The Johnnie Walker Red Baron and take ‘Shows Up’. I’ve got as good a chance of it paying off as Powerball and the money would be put to a better use.

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