Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I sent the Cabin Boy™ an important time-sensitive document related to the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. It was mailed to the last known address he has on file with the court, and that constitutes adequate service.The Postal Service was unable to forward the mail to a new address.

Cowardly cowards gotta cower.

42 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. He doesn’t want to take his eventual defeat like a man. How brave.

    All this time he’s called others cowards, told people to get under the porch, he is the “big man left standing after a bar fight”, never backs down from a fight.

    He claims to be a better pro-se lawyer. Made fun of Aaron by calling him the World’s Worst Attorney, but could never beat him either. All in all, it seems as though Bill is not really a man. A real man would stand up for his beliefs and fight to see them through. If Bill really believed the complaint filed by our host were not true, then he would fight to preserve his reputation.

    Simply put, he’s just a lying, under the porch squealing loser who is about to realize it’s time to pay the rent.

    • A real man:

      1) wouldn’t have “stood up” for a creep like Kimberlin

      2) wouldn’t have gotten so butt hurt over *anything* that sets Bill off.

    • Aaron beat him like a chinese war drum. He sputtered in impotent rage in email after email.


    • It’s also just another in a long list of Copyright Settlement Violations. Not that Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt of KMCN 94.7 MAC in Clinton Iowa cares how many times he violates copyright law. I wonder if Prairie Radio Communications know they are employing someone to talk between songs that so willfully violates copyrights? That could land a radio conglomerate is some legal hot water if he were to do that while representing them.

      • TOLF, it is also one heck of an admission against interest. Which is why in any amended tallying of copyright damages, or Show Cause hearing, it should be presented as further violations of the settlement agreement, and also evidence that Bill is very much aware of the case, his obligation to the court to maintain a current address on file, and that he knows he is prejudicing his case by unilaterally removing himself from a case where the judge has specifically ruled that the court has jurisdiction over him.

        Maybe he moved to Iowa because he thinks the Maryland court’s reach ends at the Mississippi?

      • More to the point, I wonder how Prarie Radio Communications would react to having a host respond to a critical call by “Bob” by launching a series of harassing phone calls by scouring through the phone book and every social media page in Clinton in search of any “Robert” or “Bob” he could find?

        I mean, if he calls a wrong “Bob” fifty time it’s the fault of the real “Bob” for not stepping forward, right?

        • Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt of KMCN 94.7 MAC in Clinton Iowa was crowing about his YUGE new internet footprint and prestigious job before he landed his job in cornfield radio. More a YUGE assprint on Aunt Edna’s sofa.

  2. As curious as I am, I find myself desperately hoping that Our Gracious Host does NOT post a copy of this “important time-sensitive document” for our enjoyment. Let The Blob fret about what he doesn’t know.

    Although, according to The Blob’s legal arguments, if Our Gracious Host did post it and The Blob did access it, Our Gracious Host could consider that as “adequate delivery” and that would trigger any deadline countdowns.

    But right now, I believe, that countdown clock is already ticking from the date it was marked UTF…

    • It is amusing that Cabin Boy, given his worship of a psychopath pedophilic violent criminal known for frivolous litigation, tries to call Hoge a vexatious litigant.

      It’s as if projection were all that’s left of his corrupt personality….

    • Wow that photo. Did BS lose his teeth? Does he need dentures? That would be a hoot after his years of making fun of the teeth of other people.

  3. We are talking about the willfully ignorant and lazy Bill Schmalfeldt. The same B.S. who in this tweet https :// the space) prove that he is ignorant,lazy and does not know and history. Yes Bill microwaves can be used to spy on you, that is a hard cold historical fact. You and all those other so called journalists can not do a simple Google search.

    The resonant cavity transmitter.

    Oh by the way every microwave oven built has a resonant cavity.

    For a closing thought your wireless router may be telling on you see:

    http :// (remove the space)

    • Bill made a funny.

      ….I’ll explain it all to you and the judge at the next hearing the judge orders me to attend — by Skype.

      I think he has burned that skpye bridge down to the bedrock.
      After his the lies, Judge is gonna say in my courtroom mister.

      • Step 1: Move and don’t leave a forwarding address with the court or anyone else.
        Step 2: Watch while everyone finds out
        Step 3: Say you’ll attend the next hearing when the court orders you to?
        Step 4: Court orders him to attend, but does not have his address
        Step 5: Doesn’t attend
        Step 6: Jail
        Step 7: ??
        Step 8: Profit.

        Do I have that right?

    • Skype? Perhaps—for a hearing on some of what’s pending, but if my petition for a show cause order is granted, a personal appearance in the courtroom will be required. Failure to appear in such cases typically results in a bench warrant.

  4. This is funny, and a lie. BS himself publicly posted his address numerous times when he lived in Maryland and then in Wisconsin, and even dared people to come and “get him.” Kyle, the “felon” is one such person. When BS realized he had the wrong Kyle, and that Kyle offered to let the felon know that BS was defaming him on Twitter, the fear pee flowed.

    At his new job, he’s described where he lives and where he works. And a private detective is one person, not “people.”

    Question: if someone posted a personal document on social media and forgot to redact something like a social security number, does that make knowledge of that number illegal? Just wondering. Should be easy for him to check, since he claims he’s kept a copy of everything he’s ever written.

    • Clinton Iconoclast‏ @ClintIconoclast 16 hours ago (7:33pm 19 Mar 2017)

      I don’t believe I ever claimed to keep a copy of every tweet I’ve written — another @wjjhoge lie. /5

      bschmalfeldt53235 says:
      November 28, 2015 at 8:44 pm

      Neither do I. I have every word I’ve written. Not for public view, but I have them, as you will see for yourself in the very near future.

  5. I wonder how The Blob were to react to a wave of postcards at his new lair, all congratulating him on his recovery from Stage XLI Parkinson’s…

  6. Because that worked out so swimmingly the first twenty times it was tried.

    I’m so glad my silly, fat lolcow has come out from under the porch, I’ve missed him so!

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