10 thoughts on “Approximately Pi Day

  1. It’s already 15 March here, but anyway…

    22 / 7 = 3.14[2857] This was known in Greek/Roman times.


    Much better : Two “1”s, Two “3”s, Two “5”s:

    355 / 113 = 3.141592[9292]

    And old and classy, too, being about 1500 years old (estimated 460 AD), found by the Chinese mathematician Zu Chongzhi.

    My memory is quickly fading, but I think my introduction to this was through Martin Gardner’s regular mathematical columns in “Scientific American”. I believe that he noted that 355/113 was enough precision to give the circumference of a circle with a radius from the Earth to the Moon (muchly simplifying elliptical orbits and actual “centres”), to something like one-foot precision, or perhaps even better.

  2. Have a slice of pecan today & a slice of key lime on 22 July …

    Or screw fractions and have the whole pie!

  3. What’s the only thing better than Pi Day?

    2 Pi Day!

    I’m planning a lunchtime work potluck on June 28 where participants bring one savory pie (pizza, pot pie) and one sweet pie (pumpkin, pecan) to share.

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