After a Mild Winter …

… the forecast for the next couple of days includes the first significant snow fall of the season. The forecast for Westminster predicts 9 to 17 inches of global warming to be in my front yard by Wednesday morning.

Let’s see. Where did I put the snow shovel?

8 thoughts on “After a Mild Winter …

  1. I am on an Aegean cruise, so I can’t shovel the snow for you. I certainly hope you won’t be doing it, either.

  2. After deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest blather, I now wonder if he is developmentally disabled, formerly referred to as “retarded.”

    • Or it could just be a combination of evil and stupid. Personally, every person I’ve every known with an impairment of that kind has been incredibly sweet and kind.

  3. I blame my local Dairy Queen. It’s a stand-alone store which closes around Thanksgiving for the winter and opens up again sometime in February or early March. And every year we seem to get at least one major storm after they open. This year they opened later than they have the last few years, so of course the major blizzard is also later.

    At least their sign doesn’t advertise Blizzards. We have a great photo of the “Get your blizzard here” sign, covered in snow and barely visible through the blowing snow.

    • I live east of the Cascades in Oregon. The local DQ is open all year round, (barring the time when the pipes froze), and there’s a fairly decent crowd, even in January. Yeah, we’re crazy.
      We had a cold, wet winter, but today it’s in the ’60s, and we’re out of drought conditions for the first time in a while. I have family in [redacted] in the Midwest, and they had no snow in January and February. We’re happy to share some. 🙂

      • It would seem that the blizzard deities heard my griping and decided to move all the snow north of us. I think we got maybe 2 inches. Followed by sleet and then rain. Lots of rain. My husband just went out and removed the one inch high rim of slush left at the end of the drive by the plow.

        Of course it’s going to freeze tonight.

        I’d much rather have had the snow.

        • Well, it was more snow here than we’ve had the entire rest of the winter, but is was only about 4 inches of heavy, wet stuff that was a pain to shovel. I had the car cleared by 1 pm and was able to go the Post Office and [redacted].

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