10 thoughts on “Yeah, the “Pants on Fire” Joke is Too Obvious

    • Nope, his client was found guilty. Now the lawyer is being investigated to see if this was truly and accident or staged.

      • This happened in court while defending his client against arson charges and now he might be brought up on arson charges?? Lol, I love this story. Even if it was intentional, I’m still impressed.

    • Lots of dummies with vaporizers store or use them incorrectly. At least a few times a week, someone gets unlucky with this and burns themself to some extent.

      It probably wasn’t a failure of the battery due to manufacturing. More likely, the ‘battery failure’ was a result of misuse.

      Hmm, a lawyer arrogantly misusing a piece of technology? Probably as rare as a physician doing the same. We’ll need a consult with Ay-ay-ron. (who has been rather quiet of late)

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