Trump’s Speech

The President spoke to Congress last night. I’m not going to do a review of his speech. You can find more of those than you want on the Interwebz already. This is about the Left’s reactions to the speech.

They didn’t like it.

That’s not surprising. They don’t like Trump, and they don’t like his expressed intention to rein in the size of government. But what they really seem to be upset about is almost-but-not-quite-completely-levelheaded demeanor of the speech. It was almost … well … presidential.

There are parallels being drawn between Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump. Jackson is generally graded poorly for his methods and well for his results. Jackson is credited with advancing the interests of the folks on the frontier (flyover country) over those of the coastal elites. Jackson permanently changed the way American politics were done for a century. If Trump has a similar impact on the county and politics, he will truly be the Left’s worst nightmare, and last night’s speech will have been akin to a visit to Room 101 for them.

15 thoughts on “Trump’s Speech

    • I don’t find Trump to be an effective speaker. I suppose it’s a matter of style.
      That’s not to say that he doesn’t get his message across to most people; he just doesn’t connect with me.

  1. I see Trump as more in the mode policy-wise of Daniel Patrick Moynihan. I also see him attempting to peel off most of what used to be the Democratic base — blue-collar workers, and a big chunk of working minorities, Hispanic, Black, whatever.
    My black students don’t seem to be all that unhappy with him, and many of my black Facebook friends actively support him.
    He may truly be the Left’s worst nightmare. He is attempting to draw a strong line between those who merely promise and those who deliver.

    • Yeah. Trump isn’t really my cup of tea, but I noted back in April that if he was going to win it’d be because he peeled off traditionally dem union rank and file with his pro-protectionalism platform.

      He seems to have done that. If he continues to peel off even low to middling levels of traditionally dem supporting groups (but more of them) he’ll be hard to stop in 2020.
      The realignment is interesting because it’s not so much an expansion of conservatism as economic populism. Something that either party could have incorporated in a smaller fashion, but both ignored for decades, and so now we get it this way.

  2. Lots of comparisons between Jackson and Trump being put forth on the internet. I think a better comparison is Jackson and Obama, as they both seemed to have no qualms about ignoring the constitutional laws and restrictions of our republic, doing whatever they wanted regardless. Obama by ignoring congressionally enacted laws, making up his own laws, and using administrative departments as personal tools and weapons. Jackson by ignoring the supreme court and the constitutional restrictions placed on the administrative branch, and using the federal military to achieve his personal designs about how things should be. Both of these presidents chose to ignore restrictions placed on the administrative branch by our constitution. That’s a path toward failure of our constitutional republic. I hope, for the future of our country, that Trump doesn’t think he’s above the restrictions of the constitution. We now know, evidenced by Obama administration actions, that we currently have a congress that will do nothing about it. Pussies.

  3. What amazed me was the way may of the democrats refused to even clap at anything (including his introduction) but if republicans did that there would be a category 5 meldown among the liberals.

    Not that hypocrisy is anything new to the left.

  4. If Trump succeeds, it’s the end of the Democratic gravy train.

    One can hope.

    And no, I don’t care for him…

    But, I’ve been getting the giggles over how effectively he trolls those I dislike.

    Heck, he can *tell* them that he’s trolling them, and they still fall for it!

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