Footnote Du Jour

The Gentle Reader may wish to take note that while the Cabin Boy™ has blown a lot of smoke about a Brazilian server (which was, in fact, located in Kansas City) and Hurricane Sandy, he has never explicitly denied having made the SWATting threat that I received in October, 2012.

16 thoughts on “Footnote Du Jour

  1. And even if he were to do so at this late juncture, his long, documented history as a liar in such matters as being unable to walk, talk, drive, clean up after himself, function without a slave/caretaker, not delete tweets, claim to suffer from dementia, Fakinson’s disease, to fall and break his face due to petting his now-abandoned dog exacerbated stress levels stemming from forcing his captive nurse to open a prank package of FEDRUHL CRAHM horse poop, the inability to weird a scissors and open said package of FEDRUHL CRAHM horse poop, or any other of a thousand things he’s lied about because he’s a fucking liar (and truth is still a defense against defamation, right?), his denial of being behind the SWATting threat you mention would be undermined by his 30 plus years of experience as not just st a liar, but a really terrible liar at that.

    Plus he’s so transparently jealous of Lee Stranahan’s success as a journalist.

    I just added that last part because it’s got to sting SO MUCH…it makes me smile.

  2. How could he NOT be jealous? Lee is in the White House Press Room asking questions of the most powerful person on this Earth. While Fat Willie is working the 1pm-5pm (pre-drive time) on the least listened radio station in Clinton Iowa.

  3. Lee Stranahan had over 52,000 comments on his Jan 2017 articles. This is a rate of over one comment per minute. Considering that only one out of a hundred people comment, that means 2 people per second read what Lee has to write.

    Fake war hero was unavailable for comment

    • That’s because he’s too busy projecting onto Lee in his twitter feed, clearly unable to accept the fact that if journalists were astronomical objects and of Lee were Jupiter, Mr. Fakinsons would be the marble-sized pebble that only came about because two bigger asteroids collided.

    • Consider this…….
      Bill writes and “article” for BU. 56 percent of the content is directly stolen from another source. Only 44 percent is original content. And that content is simply commenting on the stolen content.

      To be fair, he does link to the original article, but give NO attribution in the article itself. For someone with a history of plagiarism as long as William Schmalfeldt of KMCN 94.7 The MAC, he really shouldn’t be calling other people “bad” journalists. Hell, Bill can’t even write his own content most of the time. SMH.

      • ” Bill can’t even write his own content most of the time. SMH.”
        Don’t you mean, Bill can’t even spell his own name in legal documents.

  4. “I apologized to Stranahan. And I meant it.” – Bill Schmalfeldt, July 2, 2014
    Deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has resorted to what he knows best, defaming, lying, and harassing someone who is leaving him and his most excellent friend completely alone.

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