13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I admit, I’ve lost track of what is due, and what the legal repercussions for Bill’s inevitable failure are. But I must admit, I wholeheartedly approve of our Gentle Host’s new policy of not saying what is due until after the deadline. It kinda looks like this, in practice:

  2. I was looking through the archives of a couple blogs, and I put together an interesting timeline.

    1. BS gave up his driver’s license in 2009, claiming that “Parkinson’s had so eroded his muscle control and executive function that he could not tell the accelerator from the brake pedal. ” http://thinkingmanszombie.com/2016/10/busy-busy-birdies/

    2. August 30, 2016: BS claimed “PD” and an inability to travel, claiming that travel of any “significant distance” was potentially dangerous, and the need for a personal caregiver to drive even to the courthouse. It was this excuse that he provided to the court as the basis for it granting him the right not to appear in person. https://hogewash.com/2016/08/31/team-kimberlin-post-of-the-day-1269/

    2. TEN DAYS LATER, BS got his driver’s license, and shortly thereafter, bought a car. http://thinkingmanszombie.com/2016/10/busy-busy-birdies/

    In ten days, he went from being incapacitated and subject to serious harm/death should he travel, the need to be next to his life alert, and the need for a care giver, to getting a driver’s license, buying a car, and three months later, moving to Iowa. Oh, and in between, a few trips, by himself, to Chicago.

    He doesn’t need a Life Alert any more.
    He has a dog that he locks in the basement, and a cat that he crams in a walker that he doesn’t need.
    He has a job.
    He drives.

    THAT’S THE MOST AMAZING CASE OF PD IN THE ANNALS OF MEDICINE! (“Annals” is spelled correctly. I did not mean “anals.” Just clarifying, given the predilection of a certain reader.)

    Should the Clinton Malingerer try to use this excuse again, the court might like to know these facts. Heck, the court might like to know anyway, because it needs to judge the veracity of those appearing before it in this case, since it’s a bench trial.

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