28 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Gee, I wonder how Cabin Boy is going to find out what’s in those pleadings?

    It’s not like the court has a current address or anything…

  2. I bet Sir Shit Stain is too busy trying to think up some drivel to write in response to our Gentle Host ignoring his Quote Settlement Offer Unquote.

    It should keep him tied up for a few days, considering he is only a GS-13 that has only a C- in English skills.

  3. Say anything further…? I think that the docket entries speak for themselves.

    Someone might want to be reading up on case law that includes the term “litigation-ending discovery sanctions.” F*ck with the bull, get the horns- just sayin’.

    • Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt stated that he had “never been so humiliated?” Perhaps, next time it will be worse, and, captured live on the radio!

  4. Was there any followup from Mr. Fakinsons on his latest “DOOM CLOCK ELEVENTY!1!!one!!1!!!!11”? I don’t visit his sites and I’m curious if he the JWR already flipped him back into HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!1!!1!1! mode.

    (yes… its 21 O’s)

        • Yeah… the “announcement” that was going to make John “eat his gun.”

          Whatever happened to that?

          Oh, wait. Was it the announcement that Fatass got hired in Nowhere Iowa at a 2.7 watt “radio station” (bwahahahahahahaha)? Was that the “announcement?”

          Blobbosaurus, you would have had a bigger internet footprint getting hired at the local roller skating rink as a DJ/floorguard…

          Of course, your “parody” bits about peeing on Cub scouts probably render that line of work unavailable for you.

  5. I can’t wait to see what Bill might file telling the court how he can’t possible leave his magic button to appear in court or he’ll DIE!!! Or how he’ll have to take a train because he is too sick to drive. Or how his PD makes it too hard to get around. You know, all the lies he’s already told this court and then proved they were lies by his very actions.

    I’m afraid Bill has run out of excuses at this point. Of course it will be good for him to see TJ again. Maybe smoke a bowl with the stepson like in the good old days. Maybe see the dogs he abandoned.

  6. Hey Bill
    Where is the settlement offer you promised to reveal if Mr Hoge declined by COB Thursday? Hey don’t you show us the great offer that Mr Hoge was too dumb to accept. ha ha

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  8. Please, please, please, PLEASE tell me our gracious host checked the box next to (2) on the DC-CV-033 that he filed.


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