Go Ahead. Make My Day.

Last December, the Cabin Boy™ asked me to make him a confidential settlement offer in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. After due consideration, I made him an offer in January which 1) he published on one of his now defunct blogs and 2) he rather rudely declined. Yesterday, he made me a settlement offer.fmp201702230511zThe offer I made in January was my best and final offer, and it has expired. That offer represented the only terms under which I would have been willing to settle the lawsuit with the Cabin Boy™, but I am no longer willing to settle. Schmalfeldt’s rejected my offer, and it was his last chance to avoid going through discovery and trial.

He can publish whatever offers he wishes. But his time probably would be better spent meeting his obligations in discovery.

Murum aries attigit.

91 thoughts on “Go Ahead. Make My Day.

  1. Oh, the possibilities of The Blob’s next move are endless.

    1) He publishes a different offer than he sent to Our Gracious Host.

    2) He declares that since Our Gracious Host answered him here, he has no obligation to publish the offer, which was totally awesome.

    3) He planned on Our Gracious Host being too busy at CPAC to respond by his deadline, and has no real plan for his next step (as usual). Which means he will do something impulsive and stupid (as opposed to his normal “planned and stupid.”)

    4) He will whine about how Our Gracious Host refused his entirely fair and legit and equitable and awesome offer, and vow to fight on until the bitter end.

    I will admit that I did not expect Our Gracious Host to respond so quickly. I knew the tone of it (as we all did, I’m sure), but I didn’t think it would come this soon.

  2. I would not be surprised if he asks you to move in with him. His frequent tweets about your anatomy and Ali’s sex life have led me to that suspicion. It’s not easy being the object of unrequited lust.

  3. Hmm… I seem to remember multiple attempts from our gracious host to resolve this. I also seem to remember something about a ram touching the wall if he didn’t stop being a donkey.

    So now after insult after insult and asking WJJH to “eat a gun”, when he realizes reality is closing in he wants yet another do over? O HELL NO.

    I’m looking VERY forward to 2017 when hopefully justice will finally catch up with Mr. Fakinsons and the full weight of the law comes crashing down to destroy him.

    PS – i hope he does publish it. The two people who would care about in earnest are either hiding or getting ready for contempt court. the rest of us could use a good laugh.

  4. Question for the legal scholars….If Fatkinsons is residing in Aunt Edna’s basement with his captive dog, can the court put a lien on that dwelling until Stolen Valor pays what he owes (assuming he is ordered to pay our Gracious Host)?

    Question for the general Lickspittles….If King Peeonkids is living in the basement with his captive dog, how do you know which one is actually shitting on the floor?

  5. ~HEH~ Been there done that. My #SpecialLIttleTeacup and #VeroBeachTroll has several offers which he rejected outright. Apparently his lawyer neglected to tell him that one has a duty to ascertain the truth when claiming a person is a “confessed felon”. The #VeroBeachTroll has proudly declared under oath the didn’t care this horrific lies about me were true or not. Oopsie poopsie!

      • I’d really prefer to thinkt the Schmalrus is a one-off. Contemplating two humans so breathtakingly stupid is more than I can handle.

        • Uh, I’ve got bad news for you. I was reading another internet forum (can’t remember where) that had someone else just as stupid. So, not a one-off, sorry.

          • A PAID one but it doesn’t look like they communicate very much. The #VeroBeachTroll has no clue that the document from PACER is the actual court document. He is convinced the document on plainsite are different. So even though I presented him with evidence from my court case that I have no sealed CRIMINAL documents he refused to believe the actual court document. His lawyer clearly hasn’t explained anything to him.

            He has no clue what document were sent to me in discovery. That all are past the statute of limitations and not a single one supports his lies that I defamed him. His lawyer is letting him assert that posting a newspaper link about his sister winning a bodybuilding contest without mentioning his name or hers is somehow defamatory.

            Finally he is an unemployed 30 year-old man stilling living in the family home who by his own admiss play online video games 8 hours a day. He has no damages.

            Even if he actually had a good case he can’t even put a lein on my home I’m disabled hubby is a 100% disabled vet. He can’t touch us. The only point as far as far I can tell is to harass and vex me. Which of course he isn’t.

          • “Even if he actually had a good case he can’t even put a lein on my home I’m disabled hubby is a 100% disabled vet. He can’t touch us. The only point as far as far I can tell is to harass and vex me. Which of course he isn’t.”

            Of course the evil, little ghoul’s engagement of lawfare against you is solely for the purpose of harassment and abuse, Jeanette. That sick-and-twisted spawn of Satan, along with his demented cohort Nicole Bonnet, have had it out for you for years. They despise Christians/Christianity, they detest morals and that which is good, and they absolutely loathe those who live their lives accordingly and do not hesitate to share Truth… hence, their relentless pursuit to shut you up and attempt to damage you.

            In addition… you, along with many others, long ago inflicted everlasting butthurt via highlighting their diabolical support for a creature who sexually molested a minor – and, using THEIR OWN WORDS communicated their deranged desire to see AOC laws either lowered or removed from the books altogether. Just sick.

            I am so sorry you still find yourself having to deal with this vexatious lawfare, and the sick, little creep’s efforts to legally punish you for protected speech, Jeanette. The majority of folks rarely ever run across such evil the likes of him, his obsessed sidekick bat(sh*t)girl Bonnet, Kimberlin, Schmalfeldt, etc.

            Their existence serves no valuable purpose in this world. They live solely to hurt and attempt to punish good-and-decent folks. *smh*

          • Well I seem to have loon attractant. My first “stalker” was Diana Napolis who lost interst in me and went off to greener pastures to harass Jennifer Love Hewitt. Then it was that poser and fraud the phoney Rev Jim Sutter. He dropped dead.

            I will outlast Thomas Mix; his case is a dog and my counter-suit will prevail. What shocks me is his lawyers they act like they don’t understand the first amendment.

      • I honestly don’t know. I think that they are both in the same class of stupid. One is just more open about who/what influences his stupidity than the other.

  6. So dumbf5ck Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt at Mac 94.7 FM in Clinton, IA wants to try more threats and harassment? Dumbf5ck never learns…
    I’d say he looks retarded in those photos…but that would be an insult to retards… 😛

  7. I wonder why he wants the readers to judge anything, since he thinks we’re all sock puppets or lickspittles. He can’t mean his own readers since he has virtually none.

  8. I gotta say, this is the exact sort of shortsighted DUMBFUCKERY that we have come to expect from Internet Pendulum Badass Bill Schmalfeldt.

    It makes my heart go pitter-patter to see the self-immolation.

      • And isn’t using the courts for vengeance the whole point of having courts? We call it justice when vengeance is meted out in an impartial, transparent manner.

    • Aha! The cunning plan(tm) has been REVEALED.

      Now, cue the vitriolic yet incoherent screed to the judge, demanding relief from discovery on the novel legal basis that his opponent is motivated by a term which appears in Volume II of Webster’s Unabridged rather than Volume I.

      Poor Fakey-Shakey can’t whine about how Mr. Hoge is trying to murder him via his Stage Eleventy Fakinsons, so he needs to come up with *something* else to answer the inevitable question from the judge: “Can you offer any reasons why I shouldn’t rule in favor of Mr. Hoge, award him six figure damages, and sanction you for your vexatious abuse of the rules of this court?”

      Fakey-Shakey, your cunning plan isn’t quite up to Baldrick’s standards… I’d hoped for better from a C- GS-13 such as yourself.

      • Interesting how he thinks that John’s refusal of his idiotic offer “proves” that John is only motivated by vengeance, but his refusal to discuss John’s offer doesn’t prove anything at all about him, but also proves that John is only motivated by vengeance.

        I don’t think the court is going to see it that way. May the judge decide to ignore the fact that he’s in Maryland and mete out some true justice. The legal variety is nothing compared to what many of Bill’s victims have as fond daydreams.

    • seriously? He must have forgotten after asking Mr Hoge to make a “confidential” settlement offer last Dec, that he then published said “confidential” offer while also insulting Mr Hoge repeatedly and telling him to go f*ck himself.

      and he thinks Mr Hoge’s refusal to negotiate with someone who has already shown themselves to be less trustworthy than a fox in a hen house some how shows Hoge’s intent is “vengence”???

      I dont think we will ever reach peak Schmalfeldt.
      Popcorn futures look like a great investment right now.

  9. By rejecting John’s January settlement offer, BS proved to the judge that his real intent was vengeance, not justice. #Hubris #Illiterate #DumDum

  10. The average idiot would realize that judges wouldn’t look kindly on settlement demands made via Twitter during litigation, but some people are Super Idiots.

  11. I think this latest “settlement offer” was just another stunt initiated by the tiny terrorist Brett Kimberlin. Brett finds himself a defendant on the losing end of a suit brought by one of his betters.

  12. Filed under “how far is Clinton from Winter Garden?”:

    “Winter Garden police officer is recovering after breaking his knee cap during a struggle with a man accused of stealing more than $750 worth of merchandise from a Victoria’s Secret store, officials say.

    In a broken radio call just after 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, backup officers heard Officer Jose Rivera say he needed help at the lingerie store on Daniels Road in Winter Garden.

    Rivera was fighting with a man, who was trying to stop him from using his police radio, an arrest report states. He asked for backup to “step it up.”

    The other officers arrived to find Rivera on the ground trying to pin down the 300-pound, 5-foot-6-inch man”

  13. “They thought they had chosen the weakest one in the herd,
    culled me from the herd,
    and now they think they’re gonna break me.

    I faced two misdemeanor charges in criminal court, and that is supposed to break me.

    I got some news for you boys:

    I’m bringing down the thunder.
    I’m bringing up the hellfire.
    Im rolling the bomb out to the Enola Gay and I’m loading it into the bomb bay.
    I’m taking off for Hiroshima.

    You won’t know when,
    You wont know where,
    You wont know how,
    But you will know why.

    I’ll see you in court.”

    -Mr. Bill “Fakinsons” Schmalfeldt

    • “Walker!! If I threatened I was going to sue you, you’d be sued. I don’t make threats, I make promises.” -Bill “Doc Fakinsons” Schmalfeldt

      can you promise to eat a bullet?

      • I got threatened a lot more than I got sued, and then he had to drop the cases with prejudice. He hasn’t had a suit that he didn’t have to drop, whether because of his own unforced errors, his lying about his financial status, or his lying about what his victims said and did.

        He does not want to happen to him what I’d like to see happen to him. It starts with having his internet access cut off for the rest of his miserable life.

  14. I am a tiny bit perturbed with our Gracious Host. We should have been made aware there was a DOOM!!11!!eleventy!!11! Clock!!! involved much sooner than this.
    There hasn’t been one of those put up by The Johnnie Walker Red Baron in months! The possibility was there that my Popcorn Futures could have taken me to Aruba. Now I’ll be lucky to make it Anaheim and the Mouse.

    • OH yes, remember there has to be “consideration”…something DumbF5ck doesnt understand within the context of a legally binding document signed by both parties, witnessed, notorized and filed with the court…
      thus we have the current lawsuit.

  15. There can be no legal agreement reached with Cousin Bill.

    He’s not competent to enter into a legal agreement, nor to manage his own affairs in general.

    As proof, I offer the documented string of fuck-ups, inept bumbling, and reality denials that constitute how he arrived where he is today.

    No one competent could have fucked up that badly.

    Forget a legal settlement. Nope, just take what little he has, for the rest of his life, and call it a wash.

    And Deb Frisch is still in jail, pending her psych eval…

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