Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This means that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has filed their affidavit of service on the show cause order to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin.wjjhvbketal-di_114The contempt hearing is scheduled for 17 March.

20 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Sadly, no. Contempt in a civil case can get you locked up by the court in question, should you remain defiant, but the federal parole officials won’t care unless they happened to be the opposing party in the litigation.

      • He will say words which sound conciliatory, but will try very hard not to comply. Based upon his previous experience with judges, he will go into this figuring he can bamboozle.

        For those just joining us…Kimberlin is on parole for multiple bombings, including one which severely injured Carl Delong and also his wife. Kimberlin was ordered to pay 1.25 million dollars to Mrs. Delong after her husband committed suicide — as a result of his injuries and subsequent years of pain. Kimberlin sued Mrs. Delong but lost. He has not paid.

        Police and prosecutors believe that the bombings were a failed attempt to divert police attention from a murder which was connected to Kimberlin through his relationship to a young girl. Google Speedway Bombings.

        The least terrible thing about Kimberlin is that he tries to convince judges to let him break the rules, lie and forge documents.

        • Yeah, that exactly illustrates my point. Not that she was locked up for contempt, but she was on the other side of what was a civil action by the feds, and they locked her up basically for not rolling over.

          • Nope, the SEC brought criminal charges over her public statements about her investment portfolio, unless I’m completely misremembering. I think her self-defense was found to be securities fraud.

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