18 thoughts on “Footnote Du Jour

  1. Speaking of smarts, there’s a functional illiterate who won’t understand this article, but folks here will.

    “Asked not to be named discussing delicate communications. That’s a good one. Let me translate: The officials don’t want you to know who they are because they are corrupt — (a) FISA intercepts are classified, so disclosing them to the press is a crime; (b) by revealing the Flynn–Kislyak conversation to the press, the “officials” inform the Russians that whatever countermeasures they are taking against U.S. surveillance have failed, assuring that the Russians will alter their tactics, making the job of our honorable intelligence agents more difficult; and (c) the FBI’s investigative powers are not supposed to be put in in the service of a political party’s effort to advance a partisan storyline, like ‘Putin hacked the election.’”

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/445045/general-michael-flynn-national-security-adviser-fbi-investigation-phone-call-russian-ambassador

    • I have to admit I facepalm every time I see Mr. Fakinsons desperately inject himself into a political conversation with people well above his level of Journalism- its like comparing an ant hill to Mount Everest- as if they are BFF.

      Give it up Fakinsons. As mentioned before you and your wannabe “news” outlets will never, ever, EVER be relevant no matter how hard you try.

      But if you insist, perhaps Lee can give you some pointers not that they will do you much good.

      • His first step should be to stop plagiarizing stories word for word as he has been proven to do. Taking AP stories and passing them off as your own with no attribution is a no no. But Schmalfeldt lacks any semblance of honor or integrity so he just rips people off and doesn’t care. Of course if he had a shred of talent he wouldn’t need to steal other people’s work.

  2. And we shall not deny having taken screenshots of Cousin Bill’s publishing of documents he claims to not remember receiving…

    Ah, heck, we scraped the entire site for evidentiary purposes.

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