10 thoughts on “Footnote Du Jour

  1. A smart defendant in the Hoge v Kimberlin lawsuit (stop laughing) would read all these Footnotes, realize how much trouble they’re in and humbly ask to settle with our host. Since that would involve an admission of wrongdoing and other traits not seen in this bunch such as humility and wisdom, I foresee this will not happen.

    That prediction takes no great ability. I also foresee that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

  2. found on bills website:

    The Whiteside County Highway Department announced that spring weight limits for
    County Highways will go into effect on Monday, February 13th and remain in effect
    until further notice. Township roads may vary, so contact each township regarding
    their weight limit postings. For questions concerning County Highway postings,
    call the Whiteside County Highway Department at 815-772-7651.

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