8 thoughts on “Footnote Du Jour

  1. I do believe it was directly after one of those incidents of perjury that he heaved his fat off out of the showplace Tincasa he swore never to leave and fled to a state with very harsh winters. Queer considering that he claimed that even mildly cold weather would kill him. Quite the opposite. The invigorating cold seems to have cured his Parkinson’s. He can drive, work, mop up his own piss. A regular miracle. Oh, I also believe that he abandoned a few dogs when he moved as well.

  2. He does suffer from the disability of not being able to remember what story he has already told. Other than that, I’m happy he appears to be able to get around, work, spend time with people. Travel for court appearances. Earn money to pay sanctions. Appear to explain to folks how he was able to recover. Stuff has to be done.

    • It also makes it easier for him to travel to people who have (successfully) claimed that he is a threat to their safety. His newly rediscovered ability to travel combined with apparent firearm ownership and poor trigger discipline should be documented for anyone motivated to seek a restraining order against him.

      For others, it might just be simpler to know the extent of the Castle Doctrine where they live.

  3. If he is wise–wait did I just type that about bill–he will remain silent on his statements made when applying to proceed in forma pauperis.

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