Footnote Du Jour

The Gentle Reader may wish to take note that the Cabin Boy™ has not denied that the reason he continues to make such outlandishly false statements is that he is purposely trying to destroy his own credibility in an attempt to create a defense to defamation claims based on the proposition that his statements can’t cause damage because no one believes him.

31 thoughts on “Footnote Du Jour

    • Well now, Diminished Mental Capacity isn’t necessarily the same as insanity. It could also mean you’re too fucking stupid to understand how the real world of adults actually functions.

      Which is much more likely to be the case here.

      But insanity is definitely still on the table.

      • You can fix a misclicked down vote. I don’t know if you have to click the down-vote button again to say “cancel my earlier click”, or if you just have to click the up-vote button and that will cancel your earlier down-vote. But I just did it on your post: I voted it down, then I voted it up instead, and the up-vote is the one that “stuck”. But it takes a few seconds for each click to go through, so it might not immediately appear that anything’s happening. Just be patient and count to 5 before your next click, and you should be able to fix an accidental downvote.

  1. He isn’t smart enough to develop a strategy like that. Plus, he actually believes he is intelligent enough to successfully battle Aaron & John in these cases. Fat Willie is the very worst part of stupid, because he really believes in his superior intellect. Remember the prophetic words of the Great George Constanta: “Rember, It’s not a LIE if you believe it.”

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt does not lie because he is stupid, or even crazy. He is those things, but he lies because he is evil, rotten, and a pitiful excuse for a human being. As someone said elsewhere, he lies more than he breathes, only less successfully.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt is a disturbed freak, a twisted personification of narcissistic fury.*

    *I plagiarized that from Popehat**

    **Is it really plagiarizing if I cite the source?

  4. Repurposing, not plagiarizing Stacey McCain, the best way for Schmalfeldt to discredit Schmalfeldt is to quote Schmalfeldt.

    • Perhaps the best (well maybe not the best…how do you pick the BEST from so many excellent choices?) way to mock Bill Schmalfeldt is to plagiarize Bill Schmalfeldt.

      On second thought, no. That assumes he is capable of original thought, which is probably provably untrue.

    • Poor Mr. Fakinsons.

      No matter how hard you try,
      no matter how much you delude yourself,
      no matter how much you tweet,
      your opinion will never, ever EVER have any relevance in the political conversation.


      If you can give up pretending you have a progressive debilitating disease then you can give up pretending your opinion matters to anyone but the blurry image you see in the mirror, your puppeteer and the one in hiding.

    • My wife says she heard that President Trump suffers from rosacea. Which accounts for some or most of his coloring.
      (Firefox spellchecker flagged rosacea. When I clicked to correct, the only alternative was aerospace. OK.)

  5. “RogerS
    2 hours ago
    Do me a favor and call the WH and tell them that a pornographer is on the press corp. If you don’t, I will.

    Bill Schmalfeldt RogerS
    32 minutes ago
    They’re not taking my calls.”

    Everyone is vetted by the fbi and the secret service

    It must kill a failed gs13.3 to see Lee at the highest press briefings

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