The Left’s Alternate Facts

Alex Caro has an essay over at Real Clear Science that deals with how postmodernism on the Left can wind up being anti-science.

When it comes to science, the left has time and again attacked the view that science can make strong truth claims. Science, in this view, is merely one way of knowing among many, making the conclusions of science open to challenge by those who reject its methods and norms, even if they have little understanding of what it is they are criticizing. After all, these norms are arbitrarily ‘constructed’ by those with power and thus must be deconstructed by the oppressed (i.e., the children of wealthy elites attending expensive Western liberal arts schools).

Thus, activists are free to oppose the use of GMOs and vaccines—using precaution as a justification for perpetual inaction—even when these technologies demonstrably increase the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people.

OTOH, they are also free to pick which Science they want to see as settled. A hundred years ago, Progressives were all for eugenics. This became somewhat less popular after certain events in Europe during the ’30s and ’40s. Now, it’s GMOs and vaccines and climate and gender.

Read the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “The Left’s Alternate Facts

  1. As far as I can tell, the left never stopped believing in eugenics. They just got more circumspect in discussing it, and shifted their targets of who is “unfit”.

  2. Yes, the left tend to go on about how the right “hate science”. But that code phrase refers to the conservatives who reject evolution… which doesn’t usually matter a whole lot for the here and now.

    Whereas you’re right – the left activly reject all sorts of sicence. Here in NZ the Green party (multiparty democracy, sigh!) got themselves a Royal Commission into genetic modification… but never changed their policy when the results weren’t what they wanted.

    • Nah, the left also considers being skeptical about “anthropogenic global warming” to be “hating science”. Oh, and not buying Marx’s “science of history” ticks them off, too.

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