7 thoughts on “Rumor Du Jour

  1. For all you Evan McMullin supporters here is his turn donning the tin-foil hat:


    At some point, telling public servants to defy the lawful orders of the duly election administration simply because you disagree with that administration’s foreign policy goals is verging on sedition.

    Does this give any of the people who supported him pause to reconsider what you did?

    • what the left is doing now, is actively advocating Treason under the guise of Resistance. They are literally insane now.

      Another new proposal the moonbatshit crazies are starting, is saying they won’t pay Federal Taxes and claiming they are the new Tea Party.

      Remember when we all didn’t pay our taxes under Obama? We all used that money to build bunkers, guns and beer. Good times eh? LOL

      This is going to get worse, and I predict Blood will soon be spilled in the streets because of these Lunatics.

      • Former CIA. He tagged along to Syria with Congressman Kinzinger, who was meeting with “rebels,” aka ISIS.

        In other news:

        As I’ve said elsewhere, all comms of diplomats, PARTICULARLY the Russians, are monitored per FISA warrants. Even a newbie FBI agent knows this. Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, would definitely know this. Does anyone really think he’d break the law, knowing the conversations were being recorded? I mean other than leftist loons who pretend to have PD? The real issues here are the leaks (felonies), the release of unvetted info, and finally, who else is the NSA spying on in the government?

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