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  1. Question: does a certain low IQ midwit “editor” read anything besides the headlines? Clearly, the NYT counts on people like this when it publishes headlines, but a “professional journalist” should know better, even a fake one. When you actually READ the article, the staffers are exonerated. But, this is a guy who proudly touted his C- score on his English test for non-native speakers.

  2. In other news, on a website that I won’t link to, BS states that our host was accused of “stalking.” Accused, yes, by BS’s most excellent friend, but not found guilty.

    On the other hand, BS was accused of rape, he sued the accuser and, then, within weeks, he himself moved to drop his own complaint, WITH PREJUDICE. This means, of course, that the accuser can continue to accuse him of that crime. Estoppel and all. Then there’s the unfortunate incident of a restraining order to protect a 3-yr. old from his cyber-attentions. Finally, there’s the comment he made offering to urinate on someone else’s children.

    In other news, as part of his miraculous recovery from fake PD, in addition to being able to drive and work, he claims to be a member of the Rotary Club, and to have the love of his “pup.” I certainly hope that is not a euphamism for Cub Scouts. He likes to record and sell “parodies” of them in sexualized situations.

    Apparently, all of this makes him hiring material for a radio station in Iowa. Did I mention radio stations do not pay GS-13 wages? So, no, he’s still making considerably less than WJJH. That must stick in his craw.

  3. in addition to his Twitter lies in the night, he also saw fit to block me on Twitter.

    And then respond.

    Because badass internet tuff guy.

  4. This is weak sauce, even for him:




    Even so, I’m sure the Society of Professional Journalists will be interested to know that one of its members believes that “being such a DICK” is a valid reason to break a promise of confidentiality. I wonder how that comports with their Code of Ethics?

    • Perhaps he is upset with Hoge persistently demonstrating how much smarter he is than Schmalrus and is going to demonstrate how dumb he can really get, sort of a metaphysical limbo routine.

        • Schmalfeldt
          1. an unforced error; an admission against interest.

          1. to stomp on ones own penis while wearing golf cleats
          2. to commit an act so stupid that the figures on Mt. Rushmore face palm
          “He moved without informing the court, then got a job and a drivers license after swearing in multiple court documents he was 100% disabled and would die soon. Man that guy pulled a Schmalfeldt.”

  5. Is it okay to contact Prarie Radio Communications/WPW Broadcasting and ask them to google GS-13 editors if its in the name of Journalism?

    Asking for a friend.

      • I think an even better tactic would be to have any legal papers served there while he was at the station. Not only would coworkers have a “what the hell was that about?” moment, but it would be interesting for him to explain why he was there in a courtroom. lulz could be had by all!!

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