16 thoughts on “Footnote Du Jour

  1. If I had to hazard a guess…. Microsoft dropped him because he is so danged YUUUUGE.

    That promo shot of him had to be switched to landscape mode to catch his 17 neckrolls and all 860lbs of him.

  2. If I recall correctly, and in case anyone needs a refresher, didn’t they drop him for sending malware and/or child pornography?

    • Strictly speaking, he was dropped for violations of the MS terms of service. MS then gave examples of what kinds of activity were against the terms of service.

      Whether or not you believe those examples were chosen at random…

      Well, I know what I believe.

  3. It appears that Iowa has gained an idiot.

    1. BS has the duty to report a change of address to the court.
    2. BS has evaded that duty, and improperly provided discovery via an anonymized email account, ostensibly to hide his location.
    3. Anyone who contacts him is blocked on Twitter, doxxed, or accused of harassment and stalking.
    4. BS has publicly posted about a new job and his move on Twitter, one of his many blogs, and other places. Public discussion of that is not “stalking,” and it is not a crime.
    5. BS has been subject to at least 9 restraining orders in the past 4 years because of his cyberstalking, one to protect a 3-yr. old child.

  4. The Fat Man‏ @FatManPodcast
    If @wjjhoge and his plagiarism-loving fans want to know where I am, why not just ask me? Why all the stalking? That’s a crime, you know!

    So is lying about disabilities on federal lawsuits

    • I keep reading over his response to Microsoft and hearing Bart Simpson proclaiming “There’s No Way You Can Prove Anything”.

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