28 thoughts on “Footnote Du Jour

  1. I tend to think that people should shy away from torpedoing his radio gig. It seems apparent from history that he’ll last a few months, tops, without anyones help.

    Though it might be amusing, depending on the show format, to call in with mild right-leaning statements or dedications to members of the Trump admin and see what happens.

    • I tend to think that he deserves the same courtesy he extends to others.

      I’ve not been harmed by the creepy stalking asshole, so I have no intention of wasting time calling his employer’s attention to his history. If they’re too stupid to Google the name of potential hire, f*ck ’em. If they did Google him, and hired him anyway, [redacted-wjjhoge] wrapped with razor wire.

      BUT, even after all the YEARS of evidence of his stupidity, lack of self awareness, and hypocrisy, my mind is still boggled that he actually thinks he can walk away from all the lies he’s told, the harm he’s done and the people he has harassed.

      Perhaps he’s depending upon the fact that those he has so viciously attacked are far better human beings than he… but to those various human beings, I offer the words of a very wise man:


  2. Come on y’all! Don’t slam Clinton, Iowa, there is nothing wrong with small towns, there are a great place to live.

    But you can slam the management of this radio station for not having the brains to google Sir Shit Stain, and actually hiring the Fantasy Cub Scout Rapist.

  3. Is it really a good idea to put a disabled man on the radio? One who has admitted to suffering from dementia and a loss of executive function?

    Given his past products, wouldn’t it have been safer to give the mic to a Tourette’s sufferer?

  4. Absolutely do not want to kibosh the job with the radio management. Doing that just feeds the Schmalrus’ storyline about how he is oppressed and if we start contacting the station management it actually bolsters the story he probably already told them and they might keep him on longer because they are helping to defend a poor put upon whatever the hell he is.

    This is a golden opportunity under real world conditions, and we should help preserve those test conditions, to see just how long he lasts, and get a betting pool running to guess how long.
    When he finally blows out/shows up JWR’d out the wazoo or whatever he does to nuke the sitch, then we can hoot an cavil all we want based on absolutely rock solid example and it will be all the sweeter for it.

    • Pointless. No matter the actual cause of his inevitable toddling off for greener pastures, he will still recycle the same old tired excuses for his failure.

      Stupidity, lack of self awareness, pathological drive to lie even when the truth would serve him better: Bill Schmalfeldt, AKA Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt, @BroadwayBill947, “Afternoon drive host at MAC 94-7.”

  5. Years, decades ago I used to go through Clinton occasionally. I used to do business with the Becker Seed Co. there. It’s long gone. Back in the 70s it had about 35,000 population and was a rather ordinary small Mississippi River town. On US 30 — the Lincoln Highway, the first coast-to-coast highway in the US, sort of — and US 67, a great drive even today on the north-south lines.
    It has evidently shrunk by about a third for the reasons all those cities did. Fewer farmers farming all those acres means fewer people needing to be employed in the service jobs relating to farmers. Eventually people move out.
    Probably the only large business there will be a river port grain elevator, and those are much more mechanized than in the 70s.
    I’ll bet a lot though, that the folks there are very Midwestern conservative and pretty religious in a small key way. The Schmalrus better hope one of Aunt Edna’s friends or neighbors learn much about him. Bad news travels fast in a small town.

    • People in Clinton have already been warned.

      In particular, the police chief and the mayor, plus local physicians and merchants, have been provided with a large packet of Cousin Bill’s “greatest hits”, and pointers to further sources of information on the Innertubez.

      Expect a spike in traffic from Clinton, Iowa.

      Hi, Bill! Always on your trail, always happy to expose your sordid past to the locals, and always paying people to spit in your food…

      There is no rest for you, this side of the grave, until justice is served.

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