14 thoughts on “Footnote Du Jour

  1. If I’m not mistaken, the Diminished Capacity Kid told the Tennessee coppers (still my favorite bluegrass band) that his work probably wasn’t CHILD pornography.

    He prefers the term “prepubescent wrotica.” Schmalfeldt is something of a romantic.

  2. On an unrelated note: I have a Vespa scooter for sale (It’s red-Vroom, Vroom).

    Price is low so you won’t have to let a loved one die of a treatable disease in order to collect the life insurance to buy it.

  3. So this old man, living in some benighted relative’s basement, who spends all day long shrieking at people on the Internet, who has accused our gentle host of everything from bizarre sexual paraphilias to straight-up murder, is now settling on accusations of- get this: plagiarism. If somebody made up a creature as pathetic as Schmalrus, nobody would believe it.

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