12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt
    a day ago
    Eric “Pee Wee” Johnson claims on Horgywash that he attempted to file a comment on this site, but it was blocked. Eric “Pee Wee”Johnson is, a) crazy and b) drunk and c) lying. I do not block comments on this site. On the other hand, try to get a comment out of moderation on Pigface’s blog in which his pockmarked ass remains unkissed. You can’t do it. Hoggy will not let a non-complimentary comment out into the blog where people can see it.

    × We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by Breitbart Unmasked. Find out more.
    Post as BannableLecture

    Bill…. got an explanation, or are you giving me a chance to mock you for dumbfuckery

  2. Poor Bill is too stupid to realize he is too stupid to be messing with our Gracious Host.

    World’s Stupidest Man™

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  4. Has he completely forgotten why he is banned from this site, Krendler’s site; and if I’m not mistaken, Morgana’s site and the late Michael Malone’s?

    • Correction – he’s not banned from my site (at the moment). I only ban him superficially and temporarily to make him employ VPMs and proxy servers as obstacles to reach the butthurt he so furiously seeks when it suits my sense of whimsy.

      He is, however, in permanent comment moderation.

    • He is banned from According to Hoyt.
      See the comments starting at:

      Your Jovial Host makes his appearance about 6 comments down, then BAM.

      Edited by According to Hoyt — rest of comment deleted. Suffice to say that I AM totally inclined to believe a commenter has never sent a threatening email and it’s not his style, when he proceeds to dox someone immediately after. Yeah.
      –Sarah Hoyt

  5. Dunning-Krueger has been a wonderfully predictive tool. Bad and Stupid writers who endlessly tout themselves, claim to be ‘journalists’, their claimed certifications and qualifications which can’t stand the most cursory examination, false and fabricated stories that claim things that never happened and attributing things to people that were never even said, accompanied by massive chest thumping and self-congratulation, laudatory comments by a horde of commenters that have no active links on their names only the ‘writer’ of the story who herds loyal sockies to the lie du jour.
    Why can’t you at least come up with one or two new tricks?

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