An Immigrant Writes About Immigration

Sarah Hoyt is a legal immigrant from Portugal and has an essay comparing immigration to marriage over at According to Hoyt.

It is the right of everyone who is already an American and whose futures will essentially be “married” to those of the new immigrants to ask “how will your contribution or lack thereof affect my descendants/the descendants of the people I care about?”

This is neither racism, nor discrimination, but self-preservation.  Anyone who says otherwise is trying to push you into a forced marriage.

Read the whole thing.

7 thoughts on “An Immigrant Writes About Immigration

  1. She presents the absolutely worse case against open borders.

    The real argument for illegal immigration was presented most recently by Bill Kristol:

    The real agenda cannot be sold for what it is, so they market it by mixing patriotic flag waving [“We’re a nation of immigrants!”] with appeals to humanitarian concern for the would be immigrants themselves.

    The latter argument can be demolished in short order: the number of would be immigrants vastly exceeds the maximum possible level of immigration, and, therefore, the real solution to any humanitarian crisis is to help make these countries less shitty places to live. In fact, it is counterproductive. Greasing the squeaky wheels so that they can leave only makes it possible for those states to nail the remaining loose shingles.

    Presenting illegal emigration from Portugal as a model argues against the real case. Portugal is a small country [a handful of millions] surrounded by much larger strong economies of hundreds of millions of people facing severe labor shortages [at least at the time of her tale.] The real situation is that masses from countries populated by the billions are trying to emigrate to countries numbers in the hundreds of millions were unemployment is already chronic. In retrospect, we know that Portugi immigrants did not form dangerous gang in the countries they invaded. In retrospect we, also, know that immigrates from Central America formed the M13 gang. We can afford to be romantic about Portugi illegal immigration. We cannot afford to be romantic about illegal immigration as it exists today.

    • we know that Portugi immigrants did not form dangerous gang in the countries they invaded

      You seem to be forgetting the roles that Larry Correia (the International Lord of Hate) and Sarah Hoyt (the Beautiful but Evil Space Princess) have played in the Sad Puppies.

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