Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

What do almightymedia dot org, americancrossroadswatch dot org, boycottcrimea dot com, campaignaccountablitywatch dot org, citizensagainstgmo dot com, hogewatch dot com, huntonandwilliamswatch dot org, indictbreitbart dot org, issaoversight dor org, jtmp dot org, kochwatch dot org,  mccutcheonwatch dot org, occupyforaccountability dot org, op-critical dot com, protectourelections dot com, protectourelections dot org, stopthechamber dot org, velvetrevolution dot us, and voterprogress dot com share in common? Aside from very little web traffic, that is.brettswebsites

They are all hosted on the very same server that hosted the Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread website until a few days ago.

Many of them don’t seem to have been properly maintained, and hogewatch dot com never seems to have actually been put to use. Also, many of them have Dontate buttons that lead to the Justice Through Music Project donation page.

12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Wow!!!! The PedoBomber is a Scam Artist!

    Who would thought that a CONVICTED Terrorist Bomber, Drug Smuggler, Perjurer and Adjudicated Pedophile would be a Scam Artist?

    Surely not the idiots that actually donate.

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  3. “Ali Akbar is a conservative political consultant currently advising numerous candidates. Lee Stranahan is a wildly successful author and political commentator and now guest host of a sirius sat talk show. Stacy Mccain is a successful author of actual selling books. Aaron Walker has represented several clients recently in Va and has rebuilt a practice in civil and criminal law. JOHN HOGES blog continues to receive rave reviews and millions of page hits. Father Paul Lemmen has rebuilt his life, and continues to he active in his community.

    None of these people BTW have run to Iceland to escape justice

    In response to bill claiming on twitter that he publishes all comments, this commentvwas blocked again by bu

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