Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

fmp201702060510zIf I were going to eat a gun, I’d probably go for one of these—

chocolate1911My problem is that a full-size chocolate Model 1911 packs over 110 g of fat, and my cardiologist tells me eating that much at once would probably not be good for my cholesterol levels. However, if the Gentle Reader would like to give one a try, these chocolate 1911s are available from Amazon. Click on the image on the left to buy.

27 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Will the Johnnie Walker Red Baron’s “footprint on the web” be as large and painful-looking as the one he keeps stomping into his own crotch?

    Inquiring minds want to know, like me!

          • Have to DT you for that one, I’m afraid. North Korea’s awful regime is NOT anything we should be saying positive things about, even vaguely-positive things said in jest. Keep in mind that this regime announces 99.98% (or so) turnout in their elections, with 100% of the ballots cast being votes for the regime. And read between the lines to realize what kinds of threats are being made there. So, no. You shouldn’t wish life in North Korea even on your worst enemy.

            Besides which, in totalitarian regimes like NK’s, you just need to kiss up to the Dear Leader enough and just about anything you do will be overlooked, as long as you do it to the Enemies of the State. Something that certain people would be quite good at. So your fantasy of how the NK regime would treat a certain person… wouldn’t happen anyway, in all probability.

          • Keep in mind that this regime announces 99.98% (or so) turnout in their elections, with 100% of the ballots cast being votes for the regime.

            That’s almost as high as the Democrat vote in some precincts in the U.S.

  2. The thought that ANYTHING Bill Schmalfeldt could “announce” would cause Mr. Hoge even the slightest bit of grief is ludicrous. Everything Bill Schmalfeldt does results in PLM. Let,s remember, Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that somebody saying to him: “That’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.” is a challenge.

  3. Do you mean that William “Bill” Schmalfeldt’s footprint on the web is going to get larger than……

    Being booted from Daily Kos writing a sick twisted anal rape fantasy then telling people who were disgusted with it they just weren’t smart enough to understand the humor in forcible anal rape.

    Being booted from Daily Kos again (after sneaking back in under a new name) for trying to dox a lesbian who had been sexually abused for the sole reason of refusing to talk to him about it so he would write a story about her.

    Being booted from Daily Kos again (after a third attempt to sneak in under a third new name) for being recognized as the sick twisted man who committed the above offenses.

    Discussed his daughters “twat slime” on an internet forum with other men.

    Told a teen boy on an internet forum that he wanted to jam his member in to the young boys “swollen anal tissue”.

    I could go on but even our host could run out of pixels if I list every vile thing in Schmalfeldt’s web footprint.

  4. I can’t think of anything “announcement” that would make John eat his gun.

    But, I can think of some that would lead to more Point, Laugh and Mock:

    – He is moving in with the PedoBomber
    – He has Parkinson’s Disease again
    – He moved up from a GS-13 Step3 to a GS-13 Step3 1/2
    – He is taking a remedial English class
    – He finally learned to spell his own name

    And finally: He is going file another Lawsuit!

  5. Mr. Fakinsons: the phrase is “eat a bullet” not “eat a gun”. with the number of times you’ve been given this helpful advice (that you still haven’t followed, unfortunately) one would think you would know the correct phrase.

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