Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

So how have Team Kimberlin’s attempts at brass knuckles reputation management worked out?

On the one hand, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s reputation as the Speedway Bomber and as a snowflake who has lost all the multiple defamation LOLsuits he’s filed is now well secured on the Interwebz, as is the Cabin Boy’s™ reputation as a cyberthug who is subject to a restraining order issued to protect a three-year-old child. Bunny Boy has bravely run away.

One the other hand, Team Kimberlin’s footprint on the web is shrinking, and its influence is collapsing. It may be that soon no one will take any interest in them, and they’ll be ignored.

A mixed bag.

22 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • I would have said there is a wide chasm separating “not commenting on or otherwise engaging in pointage, laughers and mockification” and “ignoring.”

      But neither of them stand much chance of happening, in my view.

  1. “The Fat Man ‏@FatManPodcast
    Fact of the matter, my footprint on the web is growing. Soon, I will make an announcement that will make @wjjhoge consider eating his gun.

    The Fat Man
    7m7 minutes ago
    The Fat Man ‏@FatManPodcast
    Dpes @wjjhoge not realize that Loose Cooze Palmer’s RO against me expired last month? Apparently not. Or else he does, but is lying.”


    sure u do princess, sure u do.

    So were u evicted? What does aunt edna think?

    • Been waiting to announce this for a while, seems like now is a good time:

      I’ve very quietly inserted several of my former and current employees into the grant review committees of some of the organizations that *used* to donate to Kimberlin’s scam non-profits. Cost me some influence, and a few donations, but well worth the small outlay.

      Complete with documentation (thanks to everyone!) on Kimberlin, and on the non-performance and questionable/illegal behavior of said non-profits.

      I suspect funds will be thin on the ground…

      And there is not one damn thing Kimberlin can do about it, as long as he is associated with his non-profits. Any new non-profits go on the lists. The gravy train is over, chump.

  2. #hogewatdh?

    There ain’t no 13 like a GS-13 (with a C- in English as a SECOND language) cuz a GS-13 don’t stop (with the golf cleat stomp)!

  3. Joke see on Gab, but sums up BS perfectly:
    Chris Vale · @cv
    The Falcons won more quarters!!!

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