9 thoughts on “Clever But Cruel and Unusual

  1. I remeber the story years ago of a judge, when the defendent was guilty of playing excessively loud (c)rap music at the public beach, would sentence the offender to sit in a room for an hour while classical music was played over the stereo. Someone was guilty of blasting classical music? He’s sure his young daughter has some cds that would be an appropriate punishment.

  2. Speaking of T-Mobile, they need to fire the whole advertising department and whoever approved those super bowl commercials.

    • what you didn’t enjoy watching dumbass ignorant social justice talk point preaching instead of intelligent, funny, witty commercials of old?

      The only commercials I enjoyed were for the movies Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Transformers 5 and for 24:Legacy. Must have been the comic nerd in me.

      • Thank G-D that the mentally deficient Sheala LaBoof isn’t polluting the Transformers franchise any more.

        Frikken Tool.

          • Hell I’m still trying to figure out the hanging onto the periscope of the sub trick to the island in the first flick! Tie the bullwhip to it, but what if they dive more the the whip length?

            My response to these things is always, “it’s in the script”. Kinda like, “It’s Chinatown Jake.”

      • I was talking about the S&M ones.

        T-Mobile Punishes Kristen Schaal

        Every time Kristen Schaal goes over her data limit, she gets punished. But that’s just a tempting offer for this kinky tariff user. The message: Wireless pain is fine… if you’re into that sort of thing.

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