Non Sequitur Du Jour

Without even having to rely on one of his now infamous flow charts, the Cabin Boy™ has jumped to this conclusion—fmp201702040508zI’m not sure how a tuxedo has anything to do with that TKPOTD post or why concern about a tux triggered the mini Feltdown exchange among the Cabin Boy™, the BU Twitter account, and WhoIsNumberNone I found in my Twitter notifications this morning.


Oh, one more thing … one doesn’t wear white socks with a tuxedo.

13 thoughts on “Non Sequitur Du Jour

  1. 8h8 hours ago
    BreitbartUnmasked ‏@BreitbartUnmask
    @WhoIsNumberNone @FatManPodcast @wjjhoge He always thinks he has the upper hand on whatever his stupid head comes up with.

    Yeah Kimberlin has a show cause hearing that may not end until 2033
    Matt Osborne resigned and ran like a sissy girl and is hiding from being subpoenaed
    Bill Schmalfeldt has lost all his lawsuits, most if not all of his motions, and is hiding out,most likely in Aunt Edna’s basement until she is sent the packet of his latest profanity then butt meets curb.

    yeah, I would say that someone has the upper hand.

  2. But sawed-off Pedobombers can wear white socks with a shirt and tie when they do the pro se thing in court.

    I’m sure all in court were so impressed….

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