The Usual Suspects

The Daily Beast has an article up describing a few of the organizations behind some recent “spontaneous” protests.

From San Francisco to New York City, … fellow progressive activists are building toward the same long-term objectives of peaceful but noisy resistance.

Peaceful? The organizers of the recent Berkeley protest about Milo were unavailable for comment.

16 thoughts on “The Usual Suspects

  1. To the Left/Humanists “Peaceful” is a relative word, just like “Good” or “Evil”.

    Plus they are just following their playbook which states: “If you tell a LIE big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” – Joeseph Goebbels

  2. The fact that liberals are rioting belies the numerous claims by #nevertrumpers that a Trump administration would be as liberal, if not more, than a Hillary Clinton one. Where are the mea culpa?

    • I still think Trump is a pompous windbag with no genuine Conservative beliefs. But Trump views everyone as either “friend” or “enemy”, and the leftists have firmly placed themselves as hard as they can in the “enemy” column, so I think Trump will govern as a conservative now. And the left will only have themselves to blame.

      It’s not due to Trump’s character, but to the a-holes on the left, that we’ll end up with a good president after all. If the left had played nice instead of doubling down on stupid, Trump would have viewed them as friends and then he would have governed just as liberally, if not more, than Hillary would have.

      • Trump is a demonstration of the Friedman Rule. Don’t try to elect people who will automatically do the right thing. Such people generally don’t run for office. Make the people you elect do the right thing, by making it in their best interest to do so.

        Trump knows to dance with who brung him. This has been the best two weeks for a conservative in at least a decade.

    • I’ve posted my statement on both Instapundit and Patterico, but I might as well repeat it here. Given what I knew so far in the campaign (his refusal to apologize for abusing eminent domain in the past, plus his unfair attacks on Cruz), I thought he was lying about being a conservative, so I was urging everyone to vote for Cruz rather than Trump. But I am very happy to have been wrong about how Trump would govern: his nominations and his first executive orders have been excellent, and I’m hoping he continues that trend with which bills he signs or vetoes.

      • Yeah, even Pat seems to be turning, even Ted as well. Cruz may never be president, but he maybe a justice one day and have an even bigger legacy

        • Nominating Neil Gorsuch definitely improved Patterico’s opinion of Trump.

          I can’t help but wonder how much of Trump’s bloviating is real, and how much is an act. The specter that should haunt Dems and leftists is not that Trump is stupid, but that he’s smart enough to realize he can distract them by acting ridiculous, while his chosen advisors and cabinet move pieces into position. The king acting as the jester, while his viziers make their moves behind the scenes.

          We’ll see soon enough, I expect; but almost all his choices thus far have been solid.

          • I think he’s a shallow thinker, but he’s not stupid, and he knows both how to delegate, and how to pick the best person to delegate to.

            He’s not the sort of narcissist who has to think he’s the smartest guy in the room, like Obama. Trump seems to be content to have the most power instead, while allowing others to actually move the levers.

    • George Soros, primarily. I really wish the Israelis would cap his ass. He was a kapo and Nazi collaborator back in his homeland, and I’ve never understood why they didn’t take steps.

  3. When they’re perpetrating it, they don’t count property damage or injuries that don’t require hospitalization as violence. When it’s done against them, blocking them taking a picture of you should be treated as a high crime and handled by a hanging judge.

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