And In Other “Local” News …

fmp201702020422zLocal news? Redden State Forest? The Cabin Boy™ has tweeted that he lives close to Patrick Grady and that Patrick Grady lives in Palatine, Illinois. Redden State Forest is in Delaware, hundreds of miles away.

Lying liars gotta lie and dancing monkeys gotta dance.

19 thoughts on “And In Other “Local” News …

  1. he’s very expansive. in other news groundblob Bill was shaken awake and saw 6 more weeks until summary judgment

  2. So deranged psychostalker pedophile Bill Schmalfeldt is calling Redden Delaware news “local”? I wonder what law enforcement agencies cover that jurisdiction…

  3. Anyone who’s ever lived in the Midwest for any period of time (go Salukis!) knows the local late news comes on at 10 PM.

    • Salukis, indeed. Does the local tv news report on the gaseous diffusion plant in/near Paducah just about every night? My wife used to laugh about that a lot. We spent a year+ in Carbondale and she loved it.

  4. You know what Lee Stranahan, a real journalist, is doing today? He’s going to a White House press briefing.

    You know what a PD-faking, faux journamalist is doing? Nothing, except tweeting in a drunken rage.

    • what’s the difference between the two? paid salary, benefits, real press credentials vs unsold books……..

      • It’s possible to undo your ratings and apply them in the other direction; I just tried it with your comment. I upvoted it, then clicked on the upvote button again which seemed to “cancel” the upvote — because it then allowed me to downvote it. Then clicking on the downvote button again let me “cancel” the downvote, and I was able to upvote it again.

        So if you fat-finger a downvote, click it again, then click the upvote. Took a few seconds for the change to show up, but it worked for me.

  5. Hey, if Cabin Boy is a Real Live Journomalist (TM), maybe he could do a game or movie review for Hot Pepper Gaming?

    Come on, Bill! Bite down on that habanero and show us what you’re made of!

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