#PLM Du Jour

Less than ten minutes after a login to Hogewash! from what the GS-13 Editor of Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Bill Boy Unread has suggested is the only computer in his hometown, the Cabin Boy™ tweeted these—fmp201702011233zfmp201702011235z

So let’s get started with the pointage, laughery, and mockification.

If Gentle Reader reads my post which the Cabin Boy™ ripped off in violation of our 2014 Settlement Agreement, he will see that I did not say that the Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Bill Boy Unread Twitter account belonged to Bill Schmalfeldt. I said that he was editor of Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Bill Boy Unread which, while unfortunate, is true. It’s not surprising that an publication which views him as qualified to be an editor would have difficulty keeping the facts straight. Given that the Cabin Boy™ recently bragged on his LinkedIn page about scoring a 72 on an English test for persons who are not native English speakers (a C- on an ESL test) and that my score on the verbal portion of the SAT was in the 99th percentile (but only a 690 instead of a perfect 800), I’m willing to bet that my reading comprehension is usually somewhat better than his.

Moving right along, …

The relationship between govvies and contractors in government agencies varies from job category to job category. The government pay scale for many soft-skill jobs is better than average for equivalent jobs in the productive economy. However, the government pay scale for certain professions is well below market rates. This is particularly true for several types of engineers. The government winds up filling many engineering positions with contractors who work for market-level (or better) wages and make substantially more than their govvie colleagues. The Cabin Boy™ brags about GS-13 Step 6 pay, $110,595 in the DC area for 2017, $100,118 in Iowa. I’ll simply say that GS-15 Step 10 pay would be a substantial pay cut for me.

Of course, the Cabin Boy™ rarely lets the facts get in the way of one of his foolish rants.


UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ and whoever is hiding behind the Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Bill Boy Unread Twitter account have spent the past half hour or so beclowning themselves by sending more than two dozen tweets directed to @NASA and to me.monkey_danceEverything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

35 thoughts on “#PLM Du Jour

  1. Boy, the coinkydinks and circumstantial evidence just keep piling up, don’t they?

    Five hours of driving to borrow a cup of flour from a “neighbor” seems a little foolish, if you ask me.

    Fourteen hours is even worse.

  2. Living proof that you can go through life drunk and/or stupid. His entire life stands as a warning to others to not do as he does.

  3. The bottom line is not how much you make salary wise, but is how much you contribute to society as a whole. Has your life been meaningful? Have you improved the world? Have you developed/invented something that improves lives? Have you added? Or has your life been a negative impact to others?

    And I can bet my every last penny, that John Hoge has added to the world and the DF has had a negative impact on the world.

    And if the DF wasn’t such a shit stain on the carpet of America, he would be a nonentity.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Its people like Mr. Fakinsons that bring out the worst in people (myself included I’ll freely admit it). He gets me so worked up with his lies and deceit mixed with a good dose of self-righteous derived stupidity I’m glad our host posts awesome astronomy-related content as a distraction from the scum.

      Although my job isn’t nearly as awesome as our gracious host’s (pre or post-contractor era) I think I can say with a fair degree of confidence that in my professional career I’ve contributed more to society on my worst day than Mr. Fakinsons has on his best.

  4. How is it justifiable for a Writer in Federal civil service to be getting $100,000(+-) a year? A mid-list professional author with sales of 20000 books a year is doing good to make $30000 a year. Bill is no where near a mid-list author in ability.

    By the way is it been verified that he is now employed by the federal civil service again?

    • It will take a while, but it will show up online, along with his actual salary and title. I have heard of some contractors looking up that information and following it up with PLM and comments like “no wonder he’s such an asshole”. And sometimes “wow, I can’t believe how much of my taxes are being wasted on this person”


  5. Well, let’s be fair. We REALLY don’t know that he has a job. He just said he does, then later claimed he was throwing out misinformation.

    Of course, he can’t even get accurate information correct, so who knows..

  6. It’s nice to know that BS will be able to pay any judgments against him. Maybe Aaron should ask for his legal fees, seeing that BS’s case was such a dud his welfare lawyer dropped it.

    Meanwhile, WJJH continues to be everything BS wants to be, namely educated, respected, and classy. BS, on the other hand, can look back on a life of multiple restraining orders, including one for a 3–year old toddler, “parodies” about urinating on Cub Scouts, and his offer to urinate on a commenter’s children.

    • It depends on the contractor. Now your run of the mill electrician? “Make electricity run over to that light bulb.” Pretty common, still not all that cheap.

      Your quantum electrician? “Build me a hoop. Now make electrons line up single file and jump through the hoop.” A bit more rare, a bit more costly.

      Now, a quantum electrician who can make electrons queue, who _also_ can make his trained monkey to dance on cue? Even at NASA, the odds are astronomical.

  7. I doubt BS has a job because that would mean he’s tweeting obscenities on work time, and we all know that in the Schmalfeldt Moron Codex that means an employer will be contacted forthwith.

  8. I know in industry contractors are hired not necessarily because they’re cheaper — often they’re not — but because they come in under a different budget classification.

    They’re also not usually counted for purposes of sizing up different manager’s fiefdoms, so hiring contractors doesn’t upset the status conscious as much.

    • Since at least Bush 41, they’ve moved much of the work from GS to contractors. It lets presidents claim to have reduced the government payroll. It also lets them hire people whose skills are in so much demand that they exceed the limits of the GS paybands.

  9. If the Diminished Capacity Kid was making so much, how did his captive nurse wind up getting sued for not paying her bills?

    Was Johnnie Walker Red significantly more expensive back then? Was the economy at peak mayo?

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