And In Other Iowa News …

fmp201702012303zHere’s the story:

Perhaps the Cabin Boy™ can get the Postal Inspectors involved in the case. Fed to Fed.

UPDATE—Meanwhile, on teh Twitterz—monkey_dance

15 thoughts on “And In Other Iowa News …

  1. Were the mailboxes found filled with Sokovian horse poop?

    Or was it everyday local product?

    These crucial details could make or break the case for the compostal inspectors.

  2. Maybe he’s just taking the scenic route to one of two bestest best buds semi-secret basement lair in sunny California. He should make it there around spring. Check with Willy Willie Fergie on possible arrival dates.


    Gee, I wonder if anyone can find any examples of this nutless coward using pictures of any other man’s wife…perhaps photoshopped onto a giant penis, or his own gelatinous, unwashed ass…

    I’ll bet YES.

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