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As the Maryland Court of Special Appeals noted in Smith-Myers Corp. v. Sherill, 209 Md. App. 494 (2013), parties to a lawsuit are required to keep the court advised of their current address, otherwise service of court papers will be made to a party’s last known address and the party is at risk of not being able to respond in a timely manner.

I’ll just leave this right here—clintonia

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ is cluttering up my Twitter timeline with drivel about this post.fmp201701310532zOne of the interesting things about that web visitor from Schmalfeldt’s home town is that he often logs in here at Hogewash! immediately before the Cabin Boy™ tweets about something on this blog.clinton-loginHmmmm.

29 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. What’s going to happen with all the money he promised the nuns?

    Birdies on the street are rumored to say he was forced out. Wonder why?

  2. Dear Aunt Edna,

    Check it out, the Fareway has 2 gallon jugs of garlic mayo on sale this week. Jewel has 3 packs of Lysol limit 5 per customer as well.

    Might need to reinforce that seat in your walking bathtub…

  3. The way I see it, if Bill has moved without telling the courts, he only disadvantages himself. More to the point, he only disadvantages himself if our Gentle Host stops posting his filings ASAP, and maybe waits until either they show up on PACER or maybe even until the day before (after?) any response is due.

    Oooh, that could give rise to epic PLM.

  4. Mr. GS-13 “political pundit” is wrong again. The news, and by that I mean the mainstream news, has reported that the executive order had been vetted and approved by her own office of legal counsel inside the DOJ. So, she flat out lied about the reason she declined to follow a lawful order. But, what do you expect from a guy who admitted to ducking duty while in the Navy, and who pals around with a guy who bragged about sabotaging military equipment in prison?

    • I’d still like the lying Laardvark to go back and point us to the stories, blog posts, or tweets he wrote screaming when Obama put a stop to ALL refugees from Iraq coming her for LONGER then Trump wants to. Of course he can’t because he is nothing but a hack. He doesn’t care one way or another. He just knows that the snowflakes who hate Trump are more likely to tolerate someone with his set of particular oddities (IIYWIMAITYD).

      • Well, you know, since it was Dear Leader who did it then, it wasn’t of any concern. Because Dear Leader was the bestest! And always knew exactly what was right and good.

        The Orange One is just a meanie pants and the Laardvark can’t handle anyone else doing the same thing Dear Leader did because Dear Leader won’t get the credit anymore.

    • Its an extraordinary dishonest story on BU (but I repeat myself). She did not even dare call the order illegal in her own press release.

      She was a partisan hack doing a political stunt. Its stunts like these that undermine confidence in the Dept of Justice even more after the politicalization by the criminal hacks Holder and Lynch. If she couldn’t defend the order, she should have resigned. Ordering her subordinates _not_ to defend it without any legitimate basis for rank insubordination and a stupid hack stunt.

  5. The only confirmation anyone needs has already been provided, in the predictable flurry of denials which always follows that moment when he’s been caught out.

    I can even see the expression on his face when he typed those tweets:

  6. Maybe he moved to Portland instead?
    According to BS, anyone to the right of Stalin is a “nazi” or “alt-right.” If you agree with republicans on ANY issue, he labels you a racist, sexist, etc. In other words, he asserts that you own all their bad acts and policy positions. OK. Those are the rules?

    Progressives are pedophiles.

    • Off topic, but what I find sad is a person who fakes a severe illness to gain sympathy and disability retirement benefits, who uses said fake illness to get out of household duties thereby leaving all of them to his seriously ill spouse, and who claims to be unable to have sex with said spouse, only to sign up for dating sites after her death.

      Now, that’s sad, pathetic, and corrupt. That’s a ticket to hell, especially if you throw pedophilia in the mix.

      Good thing that we don’t know people like that, right?

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