Dead Horse Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ wants to keep flogging his dead horse story of non-existent plagiarism.

Fine. I hope he keeps it up. It has several benefits.

First, his foolishness provides an opportunity for pointage, laughery, and mockification by those who enjoy it.

Second, his time and energy spent ranting about me is time and energy that won’t be spent cyberstalking toddlers or cyberharassing the employers of his perceived enemies.

Third, over the past year or so, Bill Schmalfeldt and Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread have lost what little credibility and what few readers they once had. At this point, nothing they write or say has any clout. While I intend to hold them to account for their earlier troublemaking, what they do online now (with the exception of continuing breaches of the 2014 Settlement Agreement) is not likely to be worth the trouble of addressing with anything other than derision.

Fourth, … oh, you get the picture, Gentle Reader.


16 thoughts on “Dead Horse Du Jour

    • It seems to be the case that folks here assume that Bill Schmalfeldt was forced out of the retirement home by the nuns because of his anti-social behavior, because of his abrasive and bellicose personality, because of them constantly being drug into his numerous internet feuds, because they were shocked and appalled by his internet content, because he wasn’t dying on the time schedule he indicated, because numerous bottles of Johnnie Walker Red were being found in the dumpster. etc. That is just an assumption. Maybe, he just decided to move. But, I want to entertain a third possibility: BIll Schmalfeldt was evicted for the most mundane of reasons, namely, failing to pay his rent.

      He seemed to have burned through his wife’s life insurance money rapidly. People with impulse control issues often do. I know I would have rationed the money much more carefully. Once he was living from government check to government check maybe he just couldn’t put his rent money in the no-touchie pile. People with impulse control issues often do. Bill Schmalfeldt talks about his remarkable recovery and his going back to work. Maybe he is seeking employment for the very mundane reason that he needs the money. Maybe, his disease has continued to progress, with his only apparent “improvement” being the weight loss he has suffered due to his not having the gumption to endure the ordeal of standing up and shuffling over to the refrigerator to get something to eat. He posted a picture of a walker. Maybe, he had to sell his power chair. People in desperate financial straights often do. Maybe, he is apparently posting from Iowa because he found family that would take him, at least temporarily.

      Now, this is all speculation. I am not suggesting this is case, but, merely that is a possibility to consider and investigate. I am not Bill Schmalfeldt, so I won’t assume that it is true until he proves it false to my satisfaction. I’m just keeping an open mind.

    • I’m twenty years younger with far lesser health concerns, and insurance isn’t cheap. What are the premiums for an even more obese Parkinson’s patient?

      • I don’t think $10 of life insurance costs much. He’s worth less than that but that is the minimum he could buy.

        • In my mind, this is the thing that should scare Bill the most. If he ever has a serious auto accident, he could be in serious legal trouble. It wouldn’t take long for a personal injury attorney to notice the gap in his driving record. Or to simply google his name. I imagine that driving when you claim to have severe Parkinson’s would be a problem.

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