Dead Horse Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ apparently doesn’t know The First Rule of Holes, i.e., when your in over your head, stop digging.fmp201701300030It’s been suggested to me that his continuing rant about plagiarism is a crackpot scheme aimed at creating a defense to the defamation claim in the lawsuit I’ve filed against him. The theory is that he’s trying to completely destroy his own credibility so that he can claim that since no one believes anything he says, his ravings can’t cause damage and, therefore, can’t be defamatory. I’m not sure I buy that. It’s too complicated even for one of the Cabin Boy’s™ harebrained schemes.

OTOH, it seems that even the Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread server doesn’t pay him any attention. Here’s where the link in his tweet goes—bu20170129

Do you have to make GS-14 in order to learn how to properly link to your own posts?

24 thoughts on “Dead Horse Du Jour

  1. Look at the picture bill is using as his avatar, he is wearing a hat similar Mr. Hoge’s, he is holding his head and shoulders at the same angle. Dam looks like you have an unwelcome admirer.

  2. Seriously, Blob. It’s time to change the name of that trainwreck of a website. Remember, there are 21 O’s in HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!!

  3. I also noticed in the previous post, you suggested he should “put down the bong.” Fast forward to this picture, and what has he photoshopped you holding? Why, it’s the “smoking” gun that all this plagiarism ranting isn’t based on nothing; it’s just projection of what he’s quite visibly doing himself.

  4. Just what is this “plagiarism” of which he speaks? Is it using his Teeets? Like does for other people’s Tweets all the time? Is that it? I must admit that Bill Schmalfeldt does such stupid things that I have a hard time comprehending them.

    And frankly, I don’t think he is still digging. He’s just so fat the Earth’s gravity is pulling him further in.

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