Democrats Should Support a Scalia-like Court Nominee

So argues John Kass in a Chicago Tribune post. His general thesis is that if the Democrats are afraid of what President Trump might do, they should want a strict-constructionist/rule-of-law judge on the Supreme Court to help keep executive power in check.

And so, if you’re truly worried about Trump’s overreach, you’ll demand an originalist on the Supreme Court.

Read the whole thing.

8 thoughts on “Democrats Should Support a Scalia-like Court Nominee

  1. A friend of mine just denied, vehemently, that the 230 or so violent protesters in DC for the inaugural were Leftists. He said they were plants because no one on the Left would use violence. He may believe in unicorns, too.

    • I once had a colleague tell me that there weren’t any billionaires on the left side. He’d never heard of George Soros.

      Same guy also tried to tell me that the government surplus we had at the time was the same as the student debt, therefore they were linked. He had no clue about the difference between income and capital/debt.

      One thing he did admit once – the left are far more ready to resort to conspiracy theories.

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  3. There’s a good point. Even liberal justices usually understand that they’re applying principles, which may work for either side depending on how they’re applied.

    If Trump is the man I think he is though, he’ll appoint a right leaning activist – one who won’t hesitate to strike down laws he disagrees with.

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