The Top Staff at the State Department Has Resigned

WaPo reports that the entire senior management team at the State Department has resigned. WaPo writes about this as if it were a bad thing.

UPDATE—Stephen Green comments:

Washington, home of the self-licking ice-cream cone, has just invented the self-draining swamp.

15 thoughts on “The Top Staff at the State Department Has Resigned

    • St. Mattis of Quantico is on the job.

      btw, the only reason these are being called “resignations” is out of politeness. All indications are that they had no choice in the matter.

  1. Once a non-Clinton/Kerry crony gets into the books all bets are off. They’re in a race to be first out the door, and probably making a beeline for the FBI HQ with their lawyers.

  2. Good, Patrick Kennedy needs to account for the 6 billion dollars–that we know of at this time–that no body can find.

    Contrary to what the media thinks, this will make it easer for the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, to do the job that the President wants and needs done.

  3. Hard to imagine people who’d like Kerry’s interest in creating a nuclear armed Iran and free money for *Palestine would be all that in to the sorts of people someone who wants to actually put our embassy in the Israeli capital would hire.

    • Quite.

      It’s also very amusing to watch people freak out about Trump and then explain to them that most of what’s going on is actually perfectly normal and routine.

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