He Bravely Turned His Tail and Fled

When DMCA raised its ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Bravest of the brave, Sir William!

Rather than obey U. S. copyright law, Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread has fled to an off shore server. So Marcus Crassus can talk tough hiding on a server in Iceland, but seems to be afraid to speak his mind here in America.


UPDATE—Lest the Plagiarism Polizei become excessively agitated, let me state that the short ditty above is a parody of the song about Brave Sir Robin from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Furthermore, the parody is not my creation. I saw it, or something very much like it, in a cartoon published by a cockroach.

34 thoughts on “He Bravely Turned His Tail and Fled

  1. Poor little cowardly Biwwy. Afraid to stand up to you after all his tough talk. What a pathetic gelatinous mass masquerading as a human.

  2. So i can assume from this that BS did not talk to an attorney about “Admissions against Interest”. They might want to check copyright law in Iceland.

    bill even with the sever in Iceland YOU are still subject to contract law in Maryland.

    • He’s going on about the Pinky and the Brain stuff? That’s more a joke format than stealing a joke. I’ve watched every episode of Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain and none of what was said on the show has been repeated here that I’ve seen. It’s like being the first guy with a knock knock joke getting their panties in a twist over a variation of them.

      • Only guy I’ve ever heard of having an issue over Pinky and the Brain was the Nostalgia Critic. Of course, he had the original voice actors doing an expletive-laden skit, and apparently Warner Bros. didn’t like that.

        It was freaking hilarious, though.

      • Yikes! You need to see a doctor about that. Also, call in a chemical weapons clean-up crew. I can give you a number for one that we used after Hans Blix showed up at my door after my dog farted.

    • Aren’t his tweets on this an admission he’s the author?

      And a question for the lawyers: does international distribution of defamation increase the potential damages?

      • I wondered about that. Wasn’t one of the reasons that he couldn’t remove something a few weeks back that he was no longer editor?

  3. If Mr. Fakinsons wasn’t violating copyright, why did he and his master have to flee to an offshore server? to bad that wont save him from defamation in court because [NOPE! Not educating the fat [redated–language—wjjhoge]]

    and to dear little Mr. Fakinsons, To quote Tupac Shakur from the song *Hit ‘Em Up*

    “Die slow, motherfucker”

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  5. Your generous blog entry speaks to your kind nature, John. We’ve never seen any evidence that Scooterpuff has ever been in possession of nads. Keyboard warriors by nature have none.

    Hope to see you at CPAC, my friend!

  6. These Team Kimberlin critters just crack me up.

    1) Schmalfeldt doesn’t know who Krendler is. And Krendler having an off-shore server makes it harder to find out who Krendler is.
    2) Everyone already knows who Schmalfeldt is.

    See the difference? It doesn’t matter squat where Schmalfeldt’s server is. But I hope it cost Kimberlin a butt-load of money to set up.

  7. Really?


    Bill Schmalfeldt pissing himself over being called a coward is reason to break the Billy Boy Unread “Great New Things Coming From Iceland” embargo?

    Like we need more proof of his lily-livered, fear pee leaking cowardice?

    This is just another data point on an established trend line. Soon enough, this stage of the Schmycle will flame out in failure and he’ll crawl under the porch of whatever dirt floored shack he’s squatting in these days.

    Fuck off, Schmalfeldt, you racist, woman-fearing pussy. Come find me, if you think you can. We’ll have a nice chat.

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