Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Cabin Boy™ refers to me as a vexatious litigant in his recent defamatory post at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread. That is yet another false characterization of me, and Bill Schmalfeldt should know that it’s false. The Kimberlins filed a motion to have me found to be a vexatious litigant in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. After oral argument on 27 September, 2016, Judge Hecker denied their motion, noting that I had been the defendant in essentially almost all of the civil cases between us. The Cabin Boy™ filed a similar motion in that case in early October, and Judge Hecker denied Schmalfeldt’s motion on 15 November. Thus, he’s been told by the court that I’m not a vexatious litigant.

Successful defending oneself is not vexatious litigation. As I told the court in my oppositions to those silly motions, if I’ve vexed The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin and the Cabin Boy™, it’s by beating them in the multiple LOLsuits they’ve filed against me.

It would be wise for Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread to take down that post and publish a retraction and an apology by noon today.

Murum aries attigit.

32 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. The Comedy Gods have blessed us with Bill Schmalfeldt’s lack of wisdom and with the bumper crop of LULZ that always follows his pronouncements.

    All hail the Comedy Gods.

  2. He won’t back down, John….

    He is just too frikken stupid, but fancies himself cunning and smart.

    Bad combo, that.

  3. It would be wise See there is the problem. Wise. Bill is not wise. Not smart. Not clever. None of the things he thinks he is. And since he is NOT any of those things he’ll just keep stomping on his crank.

  4. So the DUMBF5CK pedophile Bill Schmalfeldt wants to return to his habits of defamation, libel and harassment? This will certainly end well!

  5. Come on, people! Smell fart is only religiously following the tenets of Islam and the prophet Mohammed (may his name never rise to the value of arsenic-laced cow turds). Look at his whole life (minus the alkyhaul) and see how it mirrors the life and commands of the pedophile Mohammed. Taqqiya be the requirements of Smell fart!

  6. There seems to be emerging a correlation between Kimberlin desperation and Schmalfeldt twitter spewings. Nice. This calls for more popcorn.

  7. The Fat Man ‏@FatManPodcast
    .@wjjhoge’s walking buttplug @mayberryville Eric Johnson, Paris, TN, says my jacket “plastic leather.” Note label? Back up the ass, Pee Wee.
    Label looks to say plastic to me

    Thanks for verifying

    Did the sisters give you the boot?

    • One small suggestion – replace the unreadable label with one that says “Genuine fake leather from genuine plastic cows.”

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