Defamation Du Jour

In a marvelous example of his poor reading comprehension skills, the Cabin Boy™ has taken a post in which I refer to the gist of a summary of the recent Women’s March, noting that it is something I read and not my own, and has written a post at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread accusing me of plagiarism.fmp201701242015z

My post states “the best summary was,” the use of the the past tense clearly indicating that I was reporting something I had read—as opposed to have possibly used the present tense (“the best summary is”), indicating my analysis. BTW, I read the bit about fat women out walking in several places and have no idea who said it first.

Given that the Cabin Boy™ has included a copy of the Hogewash! post in his article, clearly demonstrating that his accusation is recklessly false, it would be wise for Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread to take the post down and publish a retraction and apology. Of course, wisdom has never appeared to be one of the Cabin Boy’s™ long suits, but I will give him until 12 noon Eastern Time tomorrow to take down his defamatory post and publish a retraction and apology. If he does not, I will take appropriate action.

63 thoughts on “Defamation Du Jour

  1. I think somebody who claims to be editor at “Billy Boy Unread” needs take his settlement agreement to an attorney, have him explain it to him–another violation .

  2. Excellent GS-13 level editing:

    “…dripping venom like some huge, bloated, venomous spider…”

    You’re an exceedingly dumb son of a bitch, Blob.

  3. I’ve noticed that the functionally illiterate write incomprehensible tripe. They sound like they’re babbling.

  4. Once again, BS expresses his desire to have homosexual relations with WJJH. This could explain BS’s abysmal marital track record.

    • Tweeting obscene comments to a victim of one’s harassment, a victim who was able to get restraining orders, is a bad idea. First, it’s a Twitter TOS violation. Second, it opens the door to another peace order. Of course, since BS is fit as a fiddle, he’ll be able to travel to Maryland for that.

    • Does this mean we are all plagiarists here inasmuch as we have made wisecracks about his rolliness without attributing the source of our material to Bill Schmalfeldt, himself?

      To stay on the right side of the law, I would note that “his rolliness” is sourced in Bill Schmalfeldt’s multiple roles of fat, and his use of a walker and a scootie-poof. It is Bill Schmalfeldt that is the joke. I merely noticed the joke and repeated it.

    • Just when I think Schmalballs couldn’t possibly be that stupid, he goes and proves me wrong again.

      DUMBFUCK’S gotta Dumbfuck, I guess.

    • As if it were his own?

      “I did look at some of the coverage this morning, and the best summary was…”

      Seriously, DUMBFUCK. Learn to read. It’s never too late.

  5. I’ve heard of doubling down on stupid, but what in the world would be an appropriate term here? Is there some sort of contest going on where whoever does the most stupid thing wins something valuable? How can someone this stupid even remember to breathe?

  6. like ammonia raindrops on a porch, the failure to answer the judges order gushes maniacally:

    The Fat Man ‏@FatManPodcast
    I’ll be more than happy to post the other examples of @wjjhoge plagiarism, one each day, from now until I stop. #plagiarism #liar

  7. Off topic, but what do you think of a man who claims to have a degenerative neurological disorder, and then writes that he has stopped having sex with his wife because of it, and then after she passes away he starts dating and miraculously recovers? Oh, I should mention that this same person frequently writes and tweets highly sexual comments that involve oral and anal sex with men, along with frequent comments about male genitalia. And peeing on cub scouts.

    • More info: this same man photoshopped the object of his sexual obsession onto male porn, and looked up the dating profile for another man on Grinder. Oh, and then photoshopped THAT man’s head onto gay porn.


  8. Also off topic: Dodd-Frank offers bounties for people who turn in law breakers at publicly traded corporations. Since it appears that Trump is very serious about cutting the bloated budget, I wonder if his administration will offer bounties to uncover disability fraudsters? Interesting thought.

  9. Rhetorical question: if you had a child, and you warned that child not to stick the butter knife in the electrical outlet, and he kept doing it, again and again, would you think that child is:
    1. A budding Einstein
    2. A future GS-13
    3. A future disability faker
    4. A moron

    You can only pick one.

  10. If I rip an image off someone else without giving credit to that creator and using it in an attempt to point out someone else’s alleged plagarism is that irony?

    asking for a (parkinsons faking) friend.

  11. Wierd, you’d think someone who worked for the NIH would know that plagiarism is primarily a professional offense (and certainly not a crime, not even a civil matter like copyright infringement.)

    Worth noting that I teach publication ethics as part of the responsible conduct of research classes, I doubt it’d rise to the level of plagiarism even under the high standards of a peer reviewed paper (granted there’d be bibliography formats and all that jazz so citing would be more specific, but this is a freaking blog.)

    • You’d think someone who worked as a journalist would have learned the actual definition of plagiarism, at least from an employer’s legal counsel.

      • It’s easy enough, even for those of us who avoided journalism classes. If you’re quoting directly, you source. If you’re acknowledging a general concept, you express it so that you clearly are not claiming originality. John expressed a general joke I’ve heard all over the internet without claiming originality. So, no plagiarism.

        Home, laptop, duh.

  12. You know, Billy was provided an attorney through the federal courts in DF explained that he was being defamed. He traveled to Chicago (after telling the world he could barely walk) brought all his paperwork, his honeypot, all the vile Pinky and the Brain episodes he stole that he thought applied to him, and for several hours tried to convince a very educated lawyer on the finer points of defamation.

    Based on what was later revealed, I would think that Billy, who is in the middle of a lawsuit that has gone much farther than his own cases (all never getting past MTD) is now going to explain the finer points of plagiarism, something that Billy Boy has been caught doing time and time again.

    Way to really screw up your defense, Fatboy. Hopefully, the check you’ll have to write won’t bounce.

  13. I have a question for the native colonial speakers.

    Is a “hovel” more or less than a “trailer”?

    Asking for a friend that has trouble with relative adjectives like “lower” and “higher”.

    • They are intersectionally transpositional.
      That is, some hovels are trailers and some trailers are hovels, but not all are both.

    • Agree with Gus, but I believe there are other key differences.

      Trailers, aka “mobile homes” or “tincasas,” as a rule, can move. They do not often do so, but the possibility exists.

      Hovels, on the other hand, tend to remain stationary, often near (or in) landfills.

      Trailers tend to gather in groups. Hovels stand alone.

      Trailers are almost always hooked up to basic utilities such as running water and electricity.

      Hovels sometimes are not. Whether this is due to the difficulty of location or the relative poverty of the occupant can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.

      Hovels can be improved and shed their hovel status.

      Trailers can also be improved, but they will always be trailers.

  14. We’ve all seen it time and time again: when Bill Schmalfeldt sees someone say “That was the stupidest thing Bill has ever done.”, Bill considers it a challenge to go further. It is the only thing that he is routinely successful at doing.

  15. Billy is going to continue his behavior until there are tangible consequences. Like a judge$ award against him. And seizure of his assets.

    • Ah, but does he have any assets worth seizing? My guess is not on your life. I wouldn’t touch anything he’d touched with a 100′ pole.

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