26 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. You can’t possibly be suggesting that turdsniffing shitroller Bill Schmalfeldt wrote something terribly stupid (even for him, which approaches the limits of terminal stupidity on an average day), tweeted and deleted, are you?

    Must be Tuesday.

  2. Apparently, Witless Willie posted a screenshot that contains additional defamation.

    So if Willie is correct, either Schmally took it down, or he’s got some kind of redirect because he’s obviously too much of a coward to stand by his words.

    Rest assured though.. the internet has it.

  3. The “man” needs to hire an attorney, “if” and I say “if” it is true that he has a new GS13 job then he can afford one.

    • I’d have thought doing a google search on someone’s name would be a basic element of due process these days.

      That is to say, certain stories are believable, others are not.

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  5. Nothing, hmm? Well, WJJH has a son who loves him and likes to hang out with him. According to BS’s own dating profile, he has no children. None.

    Of course, he could admit that he lied on his dating profile, and the four humans running around with his DNA are his kids, but that would raise another uncomfortable question: why none of them will have anything to do with him.

  6. By my count, Our Gracious Host listed 43 web sites and 102 (!) Twitter handles The Blob has burned through. Is that some kind of record?

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