The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has granted my motion for sanctions against Brett Kimberlin.

The Gentle Reader should note that the three-judge panel found that Kimberlin’s appeal was frivolous.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

29 thoughts on “Qapla’

    • Perhaps apropos….

      A guy goes on a work trip to Chicago, where it is a rainy, nasty spring. The first evening, he escorts the client from the door of a fancy restaurant to a nearby cab stand. “Allow me,” he says, and unfurls his umbrella. The client gets in the cab, and then . . . disaster! The icy March wind turns his umbrella inside out, and then shreds it.

      The next day, he buys another umbrella, which he uses for the remainder of his visit. He flies back home, and submits a receipt for expenses, including a new umbrella.

      His expense report comes back from accounting with everything approved except the umbrella.

      The man fills out a whole new form: $3.94 for lunch, $12.75 for laundry charges, and so forth. Which he sends to accounting with a note attached. “SEE IF YOU CAN FIND THE UMBRELLA NOW!”

      I imagine this is how Brett does his taxes.

  1. as the tiny ice snowball on Mt Westminster, begins its descent towards a lonely smallish Hobbits smoking in his grandmother’s basement doorway

    stay tuned

  2. I find myself wondering if the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber will (REDACTED)

    Sorry, don’t want to educate the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber.

    But damn, I WANT to say it so badly…

    • What, realize he’s a no talent hack, leave Aaron and John alone, and go back to fleecing rich, dumb, Hollywood liberals?

  3. Somewhere, probably south of Milwaukee, tears of unfathomable sadness roll off the back of a screaming chicken on the receiving end of a continuous f**king.

    What a waste of perfectly good Viagra.

  4. Is it just my imagination, or does the appeal court follow the rules a heck of a lot more often than the lower courts? No, it’s probably just my imagination.

    • Veils get pierced all the time, so he’d better pay before someone figures out Brett is self-employed and anyone can go get the assets of JTMP if Brett has tried to hide his stuff using it.

    • Haven’t read an update on how much Brett Kimbelin’s first sanction has been paid. Taunting the Courts with, “He will never collect a dime!,” isn’t apt t go over well.

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