My 401(k) Could Use the Help

CNBC is reporting that Deutsche Bank is forecasting that Donald Trump’s economic proposals should double the economy’s growth rate by 2018. After the beating that my retirement funds have taken over the past eight years, I’d be pleased to see that. One of the reasons I now plan to work until I’m 75 is the economy’s poor performance over the past decade—and I don’t blame Bush. As the CNBC post notes,

Obama is the first president since Herbert Hoover not to see at least 3 percent growth for a calendar year.

The 20th of January can’t come too soon.

8 thoughts on “My 401(k) Could Use the Help

  1. I expect to work until either I cannot work any longer or no one is willing to employ me.

    I am not sure which is more likely to come first.

  2. “Trump, who ran on a promise to “drain the swamp,” has identified hiring freezes at most federal agencies as a top priority for his early days in office. Republican lawmakers, many of whom have long advocated for reducing Washington’s workforce, are looking to cut benefits and make it easier to fire poor performers.”


    • “People don’t know what to believe, and they’re in a state of uneasiness,” said Witold Skwierczynski, a Catonsville, Md., who heads the American Federation of Government Employees council that oversees Social Security Administration field offices. “That’s the feeling I hear. People are unsettled.”

      Welcome to my world you coddled slackers.

  3. If he did nothing at all, 3% is closer to half what could be expected. Unfortunately rather than nothing, he stimulated a trillion dollars of wealth into the trash can then reorganized one of the larger parts of the economy. Normally to make such poor economic decisions you’d have to be a pot smoker raised by communists, but somehow he managed.

  4. I just started making decent money in 2004. Now I’m trying to pay off the credit card that kept me afloat though 2012. 75? God bless you. I was thinking my target of 70 might not be so depressing after all. (but I’ll probably still keel over at my desk)

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