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Late Thursday night, a friend sent me a link to a picture of my late wife that had been posted on Schmalfeldt’s FatManPodcast website. In a comment in the caption Schmalfeldt posted with the picture, he claims the image was used under the Fair Use doctrine and that “Hoge can suck my frittatas!” I’m not the copyright holder. The copyright for that portrait of my wife belongs to the professional photographer who took the picture. If the photographer discovers Schmalfeldt’s appropriation of his work and takes action, he’ll do it on his own. For now, having that picture up on Schmalfeldt’s website highlights two things: 1.) his general ineptitude at image manipulation and 2.) his meanness.

27 thoughts on “Some Copyright Information

  1. The Fat Man ‏@FatManPodcast · 2m2 minutes ago

    .@wjjhoge apparently doesn’t care for frittatas. Who knew? And is this sadist REALLY lecturing ME about “meanness???”

    juries love this stuff

    • Judges and juries will also note that the “sadist” isn’t the one posting pictures of the other’s family members with snide comments. They can easily tell when someone is projecting.

      • he might also consider that years,months before his own wife sadly passed that he mocked the deaths of Stranahans baby, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Malone, his ex wifes father, Liz’s former friend…

        yeah thats going to leave a mark

      • Or, as some of us still remember, his own family members near death. Or publishing descriptions of his own wife’s agony, and earlier, of his mother’s.

        That’s just the icing on the cake.

        I’m at home, typing on my laptop. It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and no one is at work.

        • Mr Hoge:

          I know the trial is not currently scheduled for a jury, because the defendants failed to request such in time. Is it too late for you to request such, or do you think episodes such as this continue your faith that a bench trial is quite adequate?



  2. The Creep really works overtime to prove he is everything everyone says he is a vile, vulgar man without moral or conscience

      • If you read your Bible, you will find a story of an evil man suffering in Sheol. After multiple failed pleadings for mercy, the man turned truly altruistic, saying something along the lines of “at least let me warn my family, who are doing the same as I did, so they don’t suffer my fate.”

        Alternatively, if you watch a Scrooge movie, you will see Scrooge’s former business partner dragging lots of chains and weights as he has to walk the Earth as a ghost, doing penance by warning his former associates of their impending doom.

        Neither of these scenarios would work with the fat pedoketeer: He has nobody to speak to.

  3. The photo does highlight a couple more things: your wife was a lovely woman, and she was happy. A life well lived. As I did with the late Mrs. Schmalfeldt, I will have a Mass offered for Connie. God bless you and your son, and may this new year be filled with joy.

  4. Let’s highlight the differences between Hoge and Schmalfeldt.

    Schmalfeldt – Despite even people who don’t like him pleading with him to get his wife some medical care, he ignored them while she got sicker and sicker until it was too late to do anything about it. He made her run his errands and clean up his piss because he was too “disabled” to do it for himself….until she died and he was suddenly cured and bought a car and got a DL. He sent awful pictures of her out into the Internets when she was at her most vulnerable with no care how much shame she might feel had she known. He graphically described how she soiled herself while too sick to move. He offered to sent pictures of her corpse to people. Stole a picture of Hoge’s wife for……reasons.

    Hoge – Kept things private. Offered a loving tribute to his wife when she passed. Kept things after that private.

    I think it’s pretty obvious who the asshole is. Hint, the name doesn’t have a O or a G in it.

    • He sent awful pictures of her out into the Internets when she was at her most vulnerable with no care how much shame she might feel had she known.

      Adding lying insult to injury, he claimed she wanted him to send that shit out because he’s a repulsive pile of rat feces.

  5. I wonder if IdiotBoy thinks such things will cause Hoge to give up on his legal pursuit? Because if he does he’s even more clueless [and, boy is that a statement] than I had previously imagined. He be ground into the smallest dust possible, followed by a possible nuking from orbit.
    Just a vile, disgusting bag of suet masquerading as a human being.

    • i worked for an attorney of some reknown. he called what bill did was a lambo

      meaning sending a judgment skyward in no time at all

      • Juries notice pure 200 proof evil. Hoge has evidence of Bill running the still.

        This is a metaphor, unlike alcohol, evil can not be distilled nor diluted. Therefore, however much JWR Bill drinks, while he may be sober the following Tuesday, he will not have reduced his evil one iota.

        Bill’s evil will still be Bill’s evil, no matter what (or if) he drinks.

        This just pushes what was obvious to us, into the jurist’s eyes in stark relief. No need for a 30 minute segue into what an a$$hole Bill Schmalfeldt is, this shoves it into their eye sockets 100% with no relief.

        Whatever they pay juries in MD, it isn’t enough for this case.

        Bill Schmalfeldt: He exists. He walks… I mean, rolls among you unseen… but not unsmelt.

    • Stop wondering. He’s his own worst enemy, who just doesn’t have it in him to be decent even when its in his own best interest.

  6. I know you didn’t expect him to behave otherwise. Someone his age with the emotional maturity of a 5 year old will never change.

  7. Whenever I think the Cabin Boy has hit bottom, I see another spadeful of dirt come flying out of the hole. What an asshole

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