Hit a Nerve, Have We?

I found this in my inbox this morning. The timestamp is in GMT. The Cabin Boy™ sent this within 5 minutes of logging in just after midnight ET.bs-email-201612260529zIt’s apparent that the Cabin Boy™ appears to be unaware of the meaning of apparent.

apparent | ə-ˈper-ənt | adj.: based on evidence that may or may not be factually valid.

The Gentle Reader may read the email exchange of the negotiations in question, consider the Cabin Boy’s™ subsequent filing of bar complaints, and decide for himself whether it appears the Cabin Boy™ negotiated in good faith.

Meanwhile, I stand by my post.

UPDATE—Moar mail from the Cabin Boy™—bs-email-201622261620z

I stand by my post.

32 thoughts on “Hit a Nerve, Have We?

  1. Maybe he can have an attorney appointed to help properly understand the law and, wait what?
    Oh, never mind.

  2. Ooooh! Somebody got butthurt for Christmas! Try one of your new screwdrivers on it, Billy! If that doesn’t work, hit it with the hammer.

  3. Apparently he is following the truth in labeling laws, note the label “BS” enclosed in a circle indicating that the following is “Bullshit”.

  4. Schmalfeldt has made yet another legal determination on what someone has written? I thought he retired from that?

  5. It really seemed for a time he was trying not to be…well, himself. But I guess that’s a problem one can never truly get away from.

    Thanks for the Christmas lols.

  6. “Stupid and looking for more trouble, are we?” said drunken Blobbo to the fat, ugly b*stard in the mirror. “Wanna make something of it, you cretinous stalker?” replied the mirror.

  7. What a detestable slug of a human being. Bill’s record for bar complaints is the same as the lawsuits he has filed. 0 for XXX You suck at life Schmalfeldt!!

  8. Kind of a weird Feltdown going on. Something about people stalking his Linked-In account?

    Curious. Why would someone like him need a Linked-In account if only to harass others? He has no marketable skills and he’s told the world his Parkinson’s has effectively crippled him. He makes assertions in legal papers that he is incapable of travel, so what person in their right mind would hire someone who has no real capabilities to do, well, anything?

    But I’m really confused about the “Linked-In” bait. Unless I misunderstood something, Linked In tells you who looked at your account. How would you get someone to look at your account? Probably a linked in request? How is that bait exactly? Unless he is lying on his Linked In profile which, technically, constitutes a violation of Linked-In Terms of Use…

    Sounds to me like someone thinks he’s cooked up some brilliant fail-scheme again. Santa didn’t bring me any popcorn. I’ll have to get some more.

  9. All the desperate women on the dating sites have run screaming from him. Brett has fired him from Bunny Boy Unread. The Ninjanuns won’t have anything to do with him. The local court systems have quickly learned to toss his crap. His local police won’t return his calls. So Bill Schmalfeldt returns to the one thing that he knows will get him attention: harassing John Hoge. Bill named it correctly himself: “Stupid and looking for more trouble, are we”” That encapsulates Bill Schmalfeldt in a nutshell.

    • And just to be more concise: the four walls are slowly closing in on him. He has alienated every human being that could possibly give a damn about him, and the silence and isolation are driving him to desperate measures. He abandoned the only two living souls (his dogs) that cared about him. He couldn’t even get the radical SJWs and Special Snowflakes of the Left to give him some attention with his anti-Trump rants – he is the poster child for pathetic. When his obesity and Fakekinsons kills him, the only way the world will notice is that the people he hates will start to wonder: “What ever happened to what’s-his-name?” What a sad, miserable excuse for a human being.

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