Maryland’s Obamacare Co-op Exits the Exchange

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Evergreen Health Cooperative will exit the Maryland Obamacare Exchange. However, it isn’t going out of business.

While Evergreen Health will no longer offer plans on the Affordable Care Act exchange market, the company will continue to operate off the exchanges as it converts to a for-profit entity.

Twenty-three Obamacare co-ops were founded. Only five remain offering individual plans through the Obamacare exchanges, and at least three are losing money. Given that failure was a designed-in feature of the program, I wonder what the other two are doing wrong.

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  1. Did they really think there would be profit in a program designed by people who were working from the theory that insurance company profit margins were evil? The ultimate goal is the impossibility that insurers would pay out more than they take in.

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