16 thoughts on “Math is Hard

  1. 1. Denial: Trump can’t have won, recount!
    2. Anger: Not my president, protest!
    3. Bargaining: Electors, you don’t have to vote for Trump, can’t.you put someone else in office?

    Depression is next. We’ve seen some, we’ll probably see more in the next weeks.

    Hopefully they’ll eventually reach Acceptance.

    • Next, is a challenge of the results in the House of Representatives.

      After that, there will be an attempt to have Donald Trump declared “unfit” ala Woodrow Wilson, for office.

      After that, they will move to impeach him.

      We continue to see exactly what they really think of the democratic elements of our Constitutional Republic.

    • “Hopefully they’ll eventually reach Acceptance.”

      From previous experience, that’s when the Republicans have a new candidate. As in “Trump was never as bad as this guy”.

  2. I’m thinking Wile E. Coyote has been dictating the Democratic party’s strategy and tactics this election season.

    Although, it has had a Black Adder-ish spin to it, too…

    Highly, highly amusing. However, people around the office have stopped taking my bets on outcomes, as I’m winning too often!

    (In other news of the not-so-clever-as-they-think, Deb Frisch remains in jail, awaiting her next hearing in January. Take notes, Cousin Bill.)

    • I have a former grad student who was the district chief of staff for a Dem US Rep. Back in 2010 I bet him [in March, mind you] that the GOP would win 60 House seats from the Dems. He paid off with a very nice dinner at an upscale place. Last year, before Trump even announced I bet him that assuming Hillary was nominated that the GOP could beat her unless they nominated a dead dog. He took the bet and was laughing a lot in October and right up until Nov 8. ;->=
      As a side bet, I bet him in late October Michigan would go for . He like to died laughing.
      I kind of think he’s done betting with me.

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