26 thoughts on “Breitbart Pushes Back

  1. Suing the chief strategist and senior counselor to the President-elect is certain to draw more attention to the vexatious litigant than he’s had since claiming to have sold drugs to then-VP-candidate Quayle. It is also certain that he will not enjoy much of it.

    • Shorty is probably on the phone to Garry Trudeau pitching a story line for Doonesbury. (And asking for $ for the case.)

  2. Is it weird for legal correspondence to give a person a… ummmm…

    How do say “chubby” politely??

    Asking for a friend…

  3. I’m disgusted by Kimberlin’s endless attempts to retry cases he has convincingly lost. If Maryland judges continually fail to declare Kimberlin a vexatious litigant, perhaps the state legislature would consider a bill requiring such labeling when serial litigators are as egregious as Brett Kimberlin.

    • It has crossed my mind more than once that the Dutch Rudder Club (particularly Bernath) is of like mind and temperament with the midget bomber…

      Although Bernath takes the cray-cray to eleven (and Kimberhobbit never crashed a plane because he ran it out of gas).

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