112 thoughts on “Summary of Election Results

  1. Heh.

    I feel sorry for my Democrat friends. Not because HRC lost, but because she lacked the fortitude to lose with grace and dignity.

    My only real question: was her WHOLE HEAD inside the empty minibar when she passed out?

    • the insult, the complete lack of apathy by not showing up to address her hard working snowflakes, and not giving a speech to fire up her audience and give them hope. she could have said, we will return, we will fight another day, we will not waver, we will prevail, just not today. but no, it was all about her. she in the end showing she had no integrity, empathy, maturity, and most importantly, leadership.

    • One Facebook thread I’m on a couple of her supporters claimed she was too distraught and didn’t want to ‘hurt’ her followers by appearing all teary-eyed. How misogynist of them.

      • She tried to convince voters that she’s the only one with the temperament to be President, yet when she loses the election and cannot face her own supporters, does that not betray everything?

        • She herself already failed the very criteria she set.

          When the 3am call came, she didn’t answer. And we still don’t have good answers why.

          As they say, no one died in watergate.

    • This is the one saving grace here is that the Clintons are finally DONE. There is, as Christopher Hitchens aptly titled his Clinton tome, “No One Left To Lie To.”

      • The daughter is also unlikely to be future trouble. even with a silver spoon and doors held open, her ability is quite lacking.

        • My overwhelming impression of her speech was that she believes “unity” is voting for Hillary Clinton, and, “division” is voting for Donald Trump. This is from the same Hillary Clinton who slurred “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters as irredeemable and unamerica racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic “deplorables.” The other impression of her speech was that it was a series of liberal dog whistles ostensibly in the form of a concession speech. Graceless and classless to the end, which is very much part of the reason she lost.

    • Old C&W tune: “I’m Lying Here Flat on my Back with my Ears Full of Tears from Crying my Eyes out over You.”

  2. With a Kardashian in the white house, and more flooding congress, it’s time to say goodbye to fact-based policy for the next few years.

      • Yes.

        Much of what certain people complain about Trump, Obama opened the door for.

        For all his faults, Trump has spent his life as a CEO. Obama never had any sort of executive experience at all when he came to power. But both told the population what they wanted to hear, and gained a very loyal following who were willing to overlook the massive flaws in the candidate.

      • I’m not saying there was much to being with, but as Trump defunds every scientific institution except possibly NASA, what little vestiges were left go out the window.

          • There’s definitely fantasy all right. From Trump repeating the long-debunked claim that vaccines cause autism to his shroom-dream that global warming is a chinese plot, it’s a strong bet that he’ll cut federal funding to sciences he doesn’ approve of (especially Earth science) to counter the increase in the defecit from his other plans.

          • “his shroom-dream that global warming is a chinese plot,”

            Trump has had a tendency to mangle conservative talking points quite badly.

            In this case, the fact that no matter what the climate is doing, the answer is more government spending and programs. Meanwhile, the burden these programs put on the west makes China more competitive. So there’s a conspiracy… sort of, and China is in there, but it’s not a *Chinese conspiracy*.

    • How much will you bet me that the first major social/political.cultural/celebrity death of the Trump Administration is commemorated without a photo of the President?

      How much will you bet that President Trump never fills out a March Madness bracket on ESPN?

      How much will you bet that America never finds out what is on President Trump’s playlist?


      • Dude… I think I may know your real ID from that last post.

        Of course, Capt Tons-o-guts will never figure it out…

  3. I guess a Pyrrhic victory is still a victory.

    I don’t expect a conservative to be nominated by the GOP ever again, at least in my lifetime.

    But the witch lost. So, I guess that’s something.

    • The way I put it was that I wasn’t happy Trump won, but I was relieved Hillary lost. Just because the latter was the worse option doesn’t mean the former is desirable. Still, if you look past the bombast, there will be some Trump policies that conservatives and libertarians can get behind. And we will oppose him on the others.

      We went from a certain disaster to a possible one. I will take that and live to fight another day.

    • *insert curious look*

      I’ll toss a bone for Romney, but McCain? Jeb? Hell, 43 was more conservative than 41, if a little more adventuresome. caveat Patriot Act notwithstanding.

      No, Trump is not a repudiation of conservatism, he is a rejection of the establishment.

    • I think you’re misreading the Trump nomination entirely. As Gus said, it’s a repudiation of the establishment. More specifically, it broke the cycle of turn-taking by the self-described party elites. Bush 41 was VP so it was his turn This was, IMO, the last time it made any sense to pick the guy whose turn it was, but it was still a mistake, because 41 was a habitual, perhaps compulsive, compromisor. After Clinton, Bush 43 was the dynastic scion, so it was his turn. McCain lost to 43, so with Cheney medically unfit, it was his turn. Romney lost to McCain, so it was his turn. Jeb! was the next dynastic scion and a pack of complete fools still thought that meant something (good), so they thought he was going to have his turn. The thing is, they were taking turns losing gracefully, like the aristocrats they imagine themselves to be. Not one of these was truly conservative in any meaningful sense.

      Neither is Trump, of course, by his past behavior. We’ll see how he governs. We’ll see how much or little he takes counsel from Pence, who is supposed to be 100% according to the ACU. Should the Trump Presidency go well, he will have earned his turn on merit, rather than name rec and socializing with the donor class.

      • I agree with your sentiment regarding the practice of “next turn” in the GOP, but I think (even at this early date) that it will take at least another Presidential cycle for those establishment GOP types to learn the lesson.

  4. Well,

    W wasn’t really conservative, but he was solidly Republican.
    McCain made his name as being the Republican who fought against Republicans.
    Romney was only a Republican by Far Left Massachusetts standards.

    The trend has been for Republicans to move leftward to pick up votes.

    Well, we’ve finally did it. We’ve gone whole hog and elected a lifelong Democrat under the Republican banner.

    Joy 😐

    • Yes, let’s be clear…it really is not as if there is anything to be happy about today. But when the choices are Complete Irreversible Despair vs. Nearly Unfathomable Despair, you take what you can get.

      • Except having validated the trend, a Hillary clone may be the best Republicans can hope to nominate in 8 years to run against an avowed communist Bernie Bro.

      • Well, I just got my health insurance rate increase letter last week. Up over 60% (over $16,000) with a $6000 deductible. I changed my vote from Johnson to Trump thinking if he just repeals Obamacare it was worth it.

        Desperate times take desperate measures.

      • To be equally clear, enforcing our borders ISIS infiltrators disguised as “refugees” will be stopped from entering the country. That is something to be happy about. is something to be happy about. That would have an equal benefit on stopping drugs from entering the country. That is something to be happy about. Before, Mexican drivers would drive trucks to the border, and, then, an American would drive through America. With a stroke of a pen, Barack Obama stated those Mexican drivers could drive to the American destination. That is something to be happy about. That cost American jobs. With a stroke of the pen, those jobs will be restored. And, anyone nominated by Donald Trump will be orders of magnitude better than Merrick Garland. That is something to be ecstatic about.

        • Opps, maybe I should have said, “To be unclear…” The first bullet point was that the border would be enforced.

          • NAFTA always allowed for Intl drivers to operate within the US, in trade zones, and then the border states. That has been happening since at least 1995.
            NAFTA also always provided a timeline for expansion beyond that. Clinton and Bush and even Obama restricted and delayed those provisions through ‘pilot programs’ that held down the numbers to what the DOT was capable of inspecting. You’re right that Obama caved in on that, and finally complied with the language of the original agreement.

            BTW, Canadian drivers have operated all over the US pretty much according to the original timeline, because Canada isn’t a shithole.

  5. I’m LOLing at all the Dems complaining that Trump has no experience. After carrying Obama’s water for all these years, I’m amazed they can attempt to make that argument without bursting into flames.

  6. This could be a win for Team Kimberlin. If Trump manages to “open up libel laws” as he promised, they likely won’t have to worry any more about the insurmountable obstacle of proving that TFS’s comments are untrue. That is, if they’re still able to file their lawfare a few years from now.

    • It should be noted that it is Team Kimberlin under the guise of being “journalists,” and, pro se advocates, to engage in what is privileged defamation.

    • oh c’mon, I’m still basking in the glow! Don’t remind me of all of the moronic things Trump said during this campaign. (Presidents don’t legislate, big hair man!) (Oh, and defamation laws are set by the 50 states and can only be addressed by the 50 different state legislatures, they do NOT operate at the Federal level)

    • Trump has some deep confusions about that which is in the President’s portfolio. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that one.

  7. I have no idea how President Trump will turn out. I expect that he will be all over the place and need pressure to stay conservative .

    Some guesses:
    Justice Cruz – It removes a rival and wins over more of his base. The Senate will confirm him just to get rid of him.

    Peter Thiel gets a job – I can see him in a lot of roles in the administration and Trump would like him.

  8. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am DANCING THROUGH THE HOUSE, about to go to work SINGING THROUGH THE STREETS!! (in a solid, stone cold, left coast city).

    And DF’s presidential prediction went up like a flaming bag of dog crap? Who woodathunk

  9. This morning as i was taking a shower, I imagined that the water was the tears of the heart-broken LibTards, and I smiled and did a Happy Dance.

  10. Not to toot my own horn (but Toot Toot!), but last year as the primary season started, and I heard Trump’s campaign speeches, I could see that he was resonating with people, and not just a specific type, but all middle class and rural folks.

    I wasn’t a Trump supporter during the primaries, but I told everyone that would listen, that he was going to win on a wave, a wave of unhappy voters who were tired of the direction Obama had taken this county, tired of ALL Republican Washington elites that would lie to our faces just get elected and then bend over for Obama and the Dem minority.

    I travel all over rural Texas, and the countryside and smaller cities & towns was awashed with Trump signs and I could see the massive attendance at Trump rallies, all which should have been a great indicator to anyone that truly wanted to take the pulse of the REAL America, that something was happening that the pollsters and media were not picking up on.

    I took yesterday off (and today) from work, and yesterday after voting in the afternoon, I would not watch TV and listen to the talking heads spout on about exit polls, the latest national polls and their biased opinion, I watched the new Star Trek movie and enjoyed the evening.
    At 8:00 I turned on Fox News and stayed up the whole night (which I haven’t done on election night in decades), and proceeded to watch what I knew in my gut was going to happen.

    Trump in not perfect, far from it, but he listens to people, and I feel will follow through in trying to turn the Obama disaster around.

    Today is the first day in a long time, I have been proud of American Voters.

    • As they said over at The Conservative Treehouse, the pollsters didn’t “get it wrong” or “miss it”, they outright LIED to us in order to shape events rather than report them. Check back through their archives for documentation to support that assertion.

      The trouble with the dishonest approach to reporting news is the danger of believing your own propaganda. I think that goes a long way to explaining why the media and political classes are so shocked at the election result.

  11. it’s all about wood

    Washington chopped down a cherry tree
    Lincoln split wood to pay for law school
    Teddy, carried that big stick
    Bill got wood
    Trump set the woodshed ablaze

  12. Hillary is very much in the mold of New Zealand’s Helen Clark. An ambitious feminist who will scheme and plan in order to gain power. We had her as Prime Minister for 9 years.

    When she was kicked out I ran around the house singing “ding dong the wicked witch is dead”. For hours.

    Believe me, you guys dodged a major bullet with that one.

    • He won an election by the rules in place at the time he stood for office. Running in an election doesn’t mean you can’t voice an opinion on the merits of those rules. Abolishing the Electoral College would require a Constitutional amendment, but, is suggesting such amendments is legitimate political discourse.

      Personally, I would like to apply the Maine and Nebraska rules coast-to-coast.

      • If you think President-Elect Trump agrees with 2012 private citizen Trump, I have a lovely bridge that would be just perfect for you!

        • I cannot say either way. First of all, who is to say that Donald Trump would have lost the popular vote had it been direct election? Folks like John Hoge would have cast ballots at greater rate for Trump. Donald Trump would have made a greater play for votes in places like California, while Hillary Clinton would have made a greater play in states like Wyoming and the Dakotas.

          Donald J. Trump has a can-do attitude. He aspired to victory given the rules in place and succeeded. Had the rules been different, he would have aspired to victory given those alternate rules, and, given his ability, very well might have won. You might think that Donald J Trump lucked out, but, Donald J. Trump does not. He won fair and square given the rules in place. Your question is based on an unstated, and false, premise that Donald J. Trump has less ability and less self-confidence than he actually does.

          • Donald Trump said the mechanism by which he won is a “disaster for hemocracy.” That’s kinds funny. It’s very kind of you to tell us what Trump really thinks and means but he’s going to have to do that for himself from here on out.

          • I’m sure hemocrats are scared everywhere. That said, Donald J. Trump, President-elect, has an MBA from Harvard. Donald J. Trump, President-elect, is a lot smarter than you give him credit for being, and, probably, is smarter than you realize.

            News Flash: the election is over. The Democrats lost. The press lost. Wall Street lost. The nevertrump movement lost. You lost. The Republican electorate won, as did the American people. Promoting a counter-factual meme that will not withstand the overwhelming evidence of the next four years of his Presidency serves no purpose but to vent your rage.

          • Trump has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wharton, where he tells us he obtained the best words.

            Trump has never attended Harvard, nor earned an MBA. Perhaps you’re thinking of George W. Bush.

      • The Electoral College was set up to protect the Little Guy in states with low populations, from the big nasty meanies in populous cities. And than is exactly what it did this election .

        Without the Electoral College this country would be ran by the LibTards on the 2 Left Coasts, and the waste majority of the country would left suffering from their crap.

        No Thank You, leave it as it is.

        PS: There would be no way that 2/3 of the states would pass an Amendment getting rid of the Electoral College.

  13. I hope I’m not the only one to have noticed that in his latest humor-challenged version of the Gail’s Poop-filled Pussy Palace commercial Bill Schmalfeldt has, consistent with his long and storied history of leaving families out of it, pulled Melania Trump into his sick fantasies.

    I find this choice to be horribly short-sighted, given that her preferred cause as First Lady will be to end cyberbullying.

    I can’t decide if he is more fearful of attention he may get from increased efforts to stop people like him, or if he has not yet realized that this is probably his very last chance to tell his bullshit lies to a smoking hot babe and have any expectation that a single iota of attention would be paid him.

    • I gotta interject here.

      If an effort is made by the administrative branch of our federal government to “End Cyberbullying!”, to what extent could that effort require revocation of parts of the 1st Amendment? I can envision a scenario, no matter how distasteful, where we end up defending Schmalfeldt’s right to insult the first lady. Possibly even a Popehat signal being sent up. Interesting times, indeed.

      • If a party suffers damage by being “cyber bullied”, the resolution should continue to be through adversarial civil litigation, not by means of “There ought to be a law!”.

      • It would be better if, instead of working for an end to cyberbullying, she advocated for growing a cybersack.

      • Considering how the current batch of “do something!” cyber-bullying laws keep splattering on the windshield of the 1st amendment, anything lile that wouldn’t stand a chance until the 1st is gone.

        Which would also open the door for the “my feelings are worth more than your facts” laws like the European “‘right’ to be forgotten(right to revisionist history)” and the “it’s libel because I said so” laws Trimp wants.

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