14 thoughts on “Mmmmmm, Curried Goat

  1. What a game! The kind of thing sports movies are made about.

    Meanwhile, pigs are all over the air traffic control radar scope, and the temperature of Hell is 190K and falling fast.

  2. Tremendous end to an amazing World Series!

    Congratulations to all Cubs fans! Celebrate well tonight, because Jesus will be here tomorrow.

  3. The goat is DOA.

    This is probably the best outcome, Cleveland winning both the NBA and MLB championships in the same year is not acceptable.Hats off to the Cubs and their fans, and Bill Murray in particular.

    I wonder If HRC was wearing a Yankees cap this evening?

  4. Oh, my! That game damn near killed me! πŸ˜‚

    The Indians put up one heckuva fight… a team full of stellar talent and determination. However, the Cubbies most certainly deserved it, and earned this World Series Championship every step of the way! What a season!

    We ain’t afraid of no goat! LOL!

    #RaiseTheFlag W00T! W00T!

      • Fan-freaking-tastic! One of the best moments EVAH!

        Bryant was not only smiling the whole time… he actually was laughing when he was throwing that last out to Rizzo. And, then Bryant fell down on his knees a World Series Champ!

        I’ll admit it… it totally put tears in my eyes. lol!

        Just awesome!

  5. In the 8th, I despaired, thinking that Cubbishness had struck. I scared my cat, and my dog took to barking and dancing with me when the Cubs won. Just wonderful!

    Phone, train.

    • I know, right?! What an emotional game, Dianna.

      My dog was doing the same thing… barking and bouncing around as hubby and I pretty much lost our shit. πŸ˜‚

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